So, we all know and love Davis, but where are wiki members going to be in the coming summer/year?...

Where in the world will you be?

2012 Travelers

  • Somewhere with spoken and written truth. —BruceHansen

2008 Travelers

2008 Travelers

  • Sydney, Australia (it's illegal to pet Koalas here :'( no Koala <3 for me ) —ArianeMetz

2007 Travelers

  • Albania. —KenjiYamada
  • Grad School in Madison. —KarlMogel
  • Twentyone nights camping on the banks of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park around the Vernal Equinox. 225 miles: no roads, no motors. —RobiPochapin
  • Extensive travel throughout California and the Pacific Northwest for work, and very likely a trip to the Czech Republic in the summer to attend Aaron Burda's wedding. —GrahamFreeman
  • June/July Rock climbing in Yosemite, Tahoe, Joshua Tree. July/August rock climbing in French Alps, travel around France. Then off to law school! —TomAbeles
  • 中国北京 (the Middle Kingdom) —cm
  • 東京都, Japan —マーク玲雄
  • The Caribbean —SonnyStack
  • Spent July in Australia with Summer Abroad Urban to Outback program. I got to pet a koala! —AllisonEriksen

2006 Travelers

  • LDA Summer 2006: Norway, Sweeden, and Finland. —NorwayPriekestolen, Norway
  • My wife and I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in March 2006 for our honeymoon. Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place once you get away from the tourist crowds. —LucasQuass
  • My husband and I took a trip to Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands (well, just Amsterdam) in October. It was great! I'll upload a picture or two someday. —JanelleAlvstadMattson
  • I'll be in Ireland for Summer Abroad for Session II. I've been looking forward to it for ages and ages! —CindySperry
  • I'll be in Taiwan for a few weeks, hopping on the 'net every once in a while. — AndrewChen
  • I went with my husband to Poland and London—myabrn
  • In 2006 I flew to Hawaii once for training, and Seattle twice for fun. —MichelleAccurso
  • I went to St. Louis, MO for a journalism conference. The trip happened to coincide with the World Series! Those Cardinals fans were wild! —EliseKane
  • In July '06 Erin and I honeymooned in British Columbia - specifically, on Mayne Island and in Vancouver. It rocked. We came back to BC for Solstice/Christmas/New Year's. -GrahamFreeman
  • I went to work in The Real World, then quit, spent 3 weeks in London, Glasgow, and Brussels, a week in the Dominican Republic, and finally ended up in Grad School at the Mother UniversityPaulIvanov

2005 Travelers

  • I'll be in Uganda. —EllenWoodall
  • I'll be in either Cuba, Greece or Thailand, and then I'll be in New York (hopefully). —SS
    • This is old; as in last summer. I went to Thailand and made it to New York this past February. It's my choice again for where to go this upcoming summer, so if anyone has good suggestions, please let me know. —SS
  • I'm in New England on Wiki-read-only mode, and will be in NY in a week or so. —CraigBrozinsky
  • After six weeks in Davis, I'll be in China, then Canada (hopefully), then New York (popular destination) —YawenChen
  • Does Nevada County count as a foreign destination?? That's where I'll be! —ss
  • Just returned from Beijing. —cm

    Rabbit Lake Creek

  • Scotland! Studying Medieval warfare as a Summer Session One class for all of July. —SharonZimmerman
  • Beijing to teach English (if they'll have me), Shanghai, and if I get lucky, Tibet. —CathleenLu
  • Lucky StephanieRoss is going to London to Study Abroad, I will miss her. —MichelleAccurso
  • My husband Neil and I went home to Minnesota for 2 weeks. I already want to go back. Check out creek that runs through his parent's yard. —JanelleAlvstadMattson
  • I'll be in Australia for two weeks in September. Woop. —GiladGurantz
  • I was in Germany for two weeks in July. — CarlosOverstreet
  • Toward the end of July I was in Alberta for a 4-H conference... the people there were quite amused and kept asking me if people from the USA seriously believe that Canadians live in igloos. The girls I was "chaperoning" wanted to know if they should pack ski gear and whether Canada has a Fourth of July. "Well, no," our host responded, they "just go from July 3 to July 5." — CindySperry
  • This summer I'm going to be in Northern Italy, and hopefully up in Norway to see my uncle. — JohnDudek
  • I'll be in Germany for two months and Belgium for one month, starting April 25. If anyone else will be in the area, I can provide my cell phone number for emergency purposes. — ZacharyNorwood
  • July 1 -July 13 I will be in Llangollen, Wales competing at an international Choral Copetition and Festival. -JulienbiewerElstob
  • July 9-August 5 I'll be in Peru and Bolivia for Summer Abroad. Studying native Textiles. Should be awesome! - SydneySwartz

Whether it's visiting family somewhere far away, relaxing and vacationing, or enjoying a backpacking trip far and wide, many Wiki travelers have been to some interesting places throughout their lives.

  • Davis can seem to shorten horizons, in the spirit of busting out, herewith some inspiration: "Song Of the Open Road" by Walt Whitman -WilyFerret
  • I went to Hawaii for job training, I love the Kahului, Maui airport! -MichelleAccurso
  • Coolest place i have ever been is Iceland. i highly recommend it. After you go, music like Bjork and Sigur Ros make so much more sense. JulienBiewerElstob
  • Lived in Germany. Nice summer destination. No, really. Matthew ''I lived in Germany for four years'' Keys
  • 2005: British Columbia, Canada (to visit my in-laws); 2004: Jiangjiajie, China (to visit a friend) 2003: Geneva, Switzerland (professional) 2002: Geneva, Switzerland (professional); Bonn, Germany (professional); Copenhagen, Denmark (to visit a friend); London, England (visit a friend; travel hub) —GrahamFreeman

Looking to travel somewhere? Check out some of the local Davis Travel Agencies, or, if you're a UCD student, the Education Abroad Center.