daviswiki.org on an iPhone, but not using a Wiki Spot specific app

Coming soon..... Hopefully!

There is a free Wikipedia browser Wikiamo for the Apple iPhone. It basically sizes everything better and makes the text lines wrap up nicely for easier viewing. It's nothing fancy, just way better than using an internet browser.

Anyone have the skills or desire to create some sort of similar free Wikispot application? You could set it to a default or favorite wiki, and boom. Could really be useful. As far as I can tell right now, it's extremely difficult to edit a wikipage through the built-in Safari browser.

In 2012, UC Davis student Keyan Kousha created an iOS wiki called Davis Map. It makes use of location services to display wiki pages about nearby places of interest; these points appear on a map, and tapping on one opens its page. Although seemingly designed as an alternative to Davis Wiki, much of its current content is stripped from the site without attribution.

Other Wiki Applications in the works.


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