What does Wikiholics Anonymous mean to you?

1. We admitted we were powerless over Wiki - that our lives had become unmanageable. ...

  • According to RobRoy: Wikiholics Anonymous is a group of people that are unable to step away from the Wiki for longer than a day, without even thinking about the Wiki. Wiki Anonymous members lead average day to day lives. They hang out at coffee shops on occasion and only drink tea, but always tip three hundred percent. They enjoy walking purple puppy dogs on the moon. They never smoke cigarettes, drink any alcohol, or eat anything with citrus. They don't cast shadows except for at high noon. They type with all eleven fingers but only type six words a minute. They are illiterate. They hate circles so when they go to their meetings (and the average member goes to meetings at least seven times a day) they form rectangles, but sometimes they form squares. They place their hands in their neighbor's rectum and say, "My name is (_ _ _ _) and I am a Wikiholic." Oh yeah, and all Wikiholics Anonymous members are to be shot on site upon entering the city of Davis.
  • Transcribed through the bathroom door at Cafe Roma, believed to be the voice of JabberWokky: ...help......me... _ ...must......link......orphans...
  • According to DanMasiel: In one of the only just applications of the Patriot Act that I have ever seen, federal agents recently apprehended servel militants that are suspected of being members of the splinter group Martyrs of the Wikiholic Jihad. Appearantly they were driving an explosives laden Unitrans bus north on Anderson when they were stopped by police. The explosives were detonated causing blackouts throughout Davis, for most of the evening. No one was harmed as the bombers appearantly got cold feet about their suicide mission, fleeing the bus at the last possible moment. The DPD released a statement describing the suspects as "a couple o' wussies from the UCD LiveJournal community." It is widely suspected that memebers of MWJ have infiltrated various other ASUCD related groups. And rumors are circulating wildly that up to half of the members of the Student Focus slate and even several members SOSSS are in fact agents of MWJ.
  • According to PhilipNeustrom: It means never having to say you're sorry.
  • According to GeoffJohnson: It means enviously staring at ArlenAbraham's statistics at 3 AM when you've got homework to do.
  • According to PaulHarms: It means power. Raw power. That's really all I'm in it for. Power.
  • According to (_ _ _ _):
  • JanelleAlvstadMattson wonders if anyone else finds it ironic that most Wikiholics Anonymous members understand the Importance of using your RealName??

You know you're a Wikiholic when...

...you go to an outside web site and automatically look for the "Edit" tab to tweak their content.SteveDavison

...you refresh the recent changes tab every fifteen seconds, waiting for something to happen.JohnDudek

... or every ten seconds when waiting for someone to respond to your edit.KevinChin

...you use wiki markup on AIM, and sometimes in real life.MichelleAccurso

...you absent mindedly looked for Measure X when you voted, though you were not in Yolo County.MichelleAccurso

...you click "save changes" every time you edit one word so you can get more edits on your stats.TaylorClark

...the "Recent Changes" link is the most-visited bookmark on your handheld.GrahamFreeman

...you start forgetting to put a space between your first and last names in emails, papers, etc.AllisonEriksen

...you opt to check out the recent changes page before opening x-mas presents.ZN

...you go crazy and delete your userpage and every comment you've ever made.TravisGrathwell

...you set out to correct all of the ["username"] links so that they point to ["Users/username"]... and you do it by hand.JasonAller

...you revert the above when done to your signatures just because you're that old school.WilliamLewis

...you leave just one comment with the old format just so that there's an exception.JabberWokky

...you slept through work/classes because you couldn't get to bed because there was "just one more edit to make".SteveDavison

...you showed up late for a meeting because you had to make that one last edit before you left.CovertProfessor

...you load RC and look for something to edit to relax after an obnoxious business call.JabberWokky


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