1818 Moore Boulevard in North-East Davis
Individual Owners
Types of Units:
2br/2ba, 4br/2ba
Price Range:

The Wildhorse Condominiums feature individually owned and property-company-managed condos. It was built in 2006, so it is one of the newer housing areas in Davis. It is also one of the furthest complexes from the UC Davis campus. Luxury comes with a price: distance. Every unit has a garage in addition to regular amenities like washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, fridge, and central heat and air. Second story units have a deck while first floor units have a small, unenclosed patio area. 

The complex is generally quiet because it is populated by a mix of families, young professionals, and college students. Units on Moore Blvd. have a great view of Nugget Fields and are well within earshot of screaming soccer moms and whistles (and an ice cream truck that plays annoying music at 125 decibels - which I hope they have a noise permit for - nonstop during games), and the rear units overlook part of the Wildhorse Golf Course. There are many visitor parking spots, but be warned that management will tow cars that repeatedly park in visitor spots.

The Oak Tree Plaza and Davis Athletic Club are relatively close.


  • Unitrans L-Line bus stop about 30 second walk from the door of your condo (Moore and Pole Line Stop)
  • Unitrans P/Q Line stops a 10-minute walk away (Pole Line and Covell)
  • Yolobus 42A/42B stops a 10-minute walk away (Pole Line and Covell)
  • UC Davis Campus 3 miles away, or a 55-minute walk
  • 20-minute Bike Ride to UC Davis campus


  • At unannounced times, a private security guard will arrive and sit in his security car in the parking lot, which has the great side effect of deterring any creeps. This makes the condos, which would otherwise feel a little secluded, seem one of the safer places in Davis.

"Tot Lot":

Large concrete turtle and its best friend, the concrete frog take up half of the play area space



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