3030-3100 Fifth Street
(East Davis, near the intersection of 5th Street & Alhambra Drive)
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Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
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Windmere Apartments is a rental housing community developed and managed by Community Housing Opportunities Corporation [CHOC] for very low, low and moderate income households. Sterling Asset Management Company also provides a resident services program which provides residents with professional staff to assist them in enhancing the quality of life within their residential communities and achieving individual personal goals.

Windmere is located on land dedicated by the City of Davis within Mace Ranch and offers two-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Townhouse units feature nine-foot ceilings downstairs, and all units provide a private patio/balcony and exterior storage units. Computer facilities are available for resident use in the community room. All of the apartments have a refrigerator, electric stove, garbage disposal, dishwasher, central heating and air conditioning. There are two playgrounds in the complex, plus a basketball half-court and a four-square court. There are no washer and drier hookups in the units, but multiple laundry rooms are conveniently distributed throughout the complex. No pets are permitted (although birds, fish, and small caged critters seem to get overlooked).

In particular Windmere caters to low-income families and people with disabilities. It's an appealing option for low-income parents who'd rather live where their young kids will have other kids next door to play with, instead of being the only children in a complex designed for college students. Many of the families in Windmere have resided there for years, and there is a strong positive feeling of community among the residents.

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2005-12-20 13:21:54   I have three kids under 10; I've lived in Windmere II since it opened in 1999, and have been very happy with the complex. It's hard for young/single parents to find affordable housing in Davis, and Windmere has been a great place for me and my family. I highly recommend it. —ErinManley

2011-01-20 13:57:02   A friend of mine lived in a 2bd 1 bath, and it was BIG with a separate storage unit. She also paid like $650...nice huh? —ucdsunshine

2011-03-28 13:49:25   Affordable and spacious, but WAY too many kids!!! oodles and oodles. Also, some of the residents seem kind of sketchy. This one unit has about 35-45 bikes in the patio/stairway. All sizes/brands...looks sketchy to me, especially when i've seen new ones everytime I visit my sister. —cora