Windows, by Kerry Rowland-Avrech

The mural "Windows" was created by Kerry Rowland-Avrech, for the historic Anderson Bank Building. The mural is comprised of four 10 foot long panels.

The intent of the owner, James Kidd, was to have imaginary display windows to upgrade the aging buildings facade. After some discussion, the artist and owner decided to bring a more community based image to the windows, by incorporating images of local, county and state items to the faux windows. The panels were each given a theme. UC window promoted the university, the Toy window has mention of Toad Hollow, the Botanical mural has California Natives, and the Merchandise Window promotes everything from the Golden Gate to local wineries.

This mural was later incorporated into the Transmedia Art walk. which encompasses sculpture and murals throughout the city.

2011 unveiling with Mr. James Kidd, Mayor Krovoza, the artist and Councilmember Rochelle Swanson