408 G Street
11:00 am- 12:00 am
(530) 759-9464
May 8th, 2013
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Gift Cards
Non Food Features
Sports games on flat screen TVs, Phone Order, Online Order

Wingstop opened on G Street on May 8, 2013. It offers all the usual fare you'd expect from a Wingstop, including the aviation-themed decor, hit-or-miss service, and an assortment of deep-fried chicken wings.

Among the different types of wing flavors (in descending order of hotness) they offer are: Atomic, Cajun, Original Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked Barbecue, Hawaiian and Teriyaki. You have the option of getting them bone-in or boneless (but what kind of abomination is a boneless chicken wing?).

Inside, they have one of those Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, which supposedly offer more than 100 drink options. At certain points of the day, however, some flavors will be unavailable, due to the machine being out of that kind of syrup.

From Wendy Weitzel's Comings and Goings column:

"Wingstop is coming to 408 G St., in the space next to El Mariachi, across from Western Feed and Pet Supply. There’s an application posted in the window for selling beer and/or wine.

"The family take-out restaurant has more than 500 locations in the U.S. The eateries make Buffalo wings to order, and offer 10 different dipping sauces. Side orders include seasoned fries, veggie sticks, and yeast rolls. Visit http://www.wingstop.com for chain information."


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2013-03-07 15:49:01   ermahgawd, my arteriessss! i can't wait! —BenLee

2013-05-29 09:33:38   Ever wonder what focus group tastes like? Now you know. —ScottB

2013-06-12 10:45:16   The owner of Wingstop came by my store a while back and introduced himself before they opened and invited me to his soon to be open restaurant, and yesterday I finally had the time to head over. My fiancee and I headed over with a couple of friends we had not seen in a while. Everyone seemed very pleased with their order, which included the garlic Parmesan, and honey bbq. I had the cajun, which I felt was a little salty, but no deal killer. The fries were a little soggy, but tasty. At the end of the meal we were discussing coming back again and trying other things, but something changed our mind. We were asked to get up and leave. We were there for maybe an hour and forty five minutes, including waiting for our food (which took about 10/15 minutes). They said they needed tables for newer, presumably more important, guests. I looked up, expecting to see a packed Wingstop behind me, only to find one person ordering and I think one other table open (maybe a person was getting their drink?). I was pretty disappointed, as was the rest of my group. I didn't want to make a scene or anything so we left and chatted on the curb for another few minutes. When my fiancee and I walked back in front of the restaurant guess what we saw! Our table, that we had been kicked out of, was still open! I guess the moral of this story is get in, eat your food, and get the hell out. Sorry Wingstop, I wont be returning.


2013-07-01 00:31:00   Don't believe the hours! Sure, it might seem like Wingstop is one of the places that is open late in Davis. However, the last two times I've been there, they've closed early. Tonight I came a whole hour before midnight, and they were locked up! So much for late night wing cravings. I definitely won't be making the trip all the way downtown again. —LisaJackson

2013-07-01 03:43:15   It's chain style. Spicy isn't that spicy. Food is kinda pricy. Ehh. That coupled with Krause tale above leaves me to conclude that this BBQ is lackluster —StevenDaubert

2013-07-02 00:16:51   As a huge fan of Wingstop, I'm severely disappointed by this location. Music was blaring and the fries were soggy when me and my girlfriend ate at this place a few weeks ago. I don't expect an immaculate dining experience here, but I know they can do better, judging by the other locations throughout Sacramento. I hope they're just going through the growing pains of being a new place in town. —CecilioPadilla

2013-07-07 23:45:18   Drove there in hopes of late night food but was closed at only 11:10. Apparently new hours closes at 11:00PM —NavLee

2013-07-08 23:43:05   Change your hours on the website to 11PM on Mondays also, cause thats when you close on Mondays —Wingasaurus

2013-07-09 12:32:06   Good wings, staff is average in service, and they close whenever they see fit. They need to fix their store hours so people do not drive out an hour before they "close" and only find out that they already closed up. Waste of a drive. —EricMedina

2013-07-09 14:40:02   I actually called and talked to an employee who said that closing time is up to the manager. It's all based on how busy they are on that particular night. And I know from personal experience that closing could be as early as 10:30! I'm glad the other late night places in Davis honor their hours :/ They also close before everyone has left. One time there were still four full tables when they locked the doors. It's awkward when they start putting up tables and turn off the soda machine when you were expecting to be able to take your time eating. Instead, you feel you're keeping the employees from going home. Stupid. —LisaJackson

2013-07-10 19:53:38   Just ordered a ten piece bone-in. Five garlic Parmesan, five lemon pepper. Garlic Parmesan was ok, but lemon pepper was suuuper salty! And did something happen with their supplier? The pieces I got were really tiny compared to the ones I had a few months ago. The chicken barely had any meat on the bones and a bunch of the "legs" had a small chunk of meat and skin near the big joint while the majority of the leg was completely bare! Not even any skin to cover it! What happened??? Also, I recommend ordering by phone so you can save yourself the drive in case they're not open. If you call in with your order, by the time you drive over, the chicken will be ready too. Their menu is on the website. —EmilyCharlotteLiu

2013-07-16 14:47:44   So overpriced!! Wings were good enough, but there are places to get cheaper AND tastier wings in Davis. Right across the street at Village Pizza, actually. For faster service though, I'd recommend the Grad or 3rd and U-and I can tell you that they're always hopping and won't close down before their hours say they will! Lol —AlexLee2

2015-04-22 18:56:22   I was a little hesitant about coming here because of the mixed reviews. I got the 15 piece boneless order, Garlic Parmesan and Hawaiian. The combo smelled a little bit like ass, but when I had the wings individually, they tasted amazing! Very saucy and cooked well. I even ended up with extra wings included. —katroti

2015-05-15 23:55:29   I'm a little upset that I paid for ranch in my to-go order and didn't receive any. —katroti