A full 23 candidates ran for a possible eight seats ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election. The ASUCD Endorsements page lists endorsements by various sources. They were, (ordered by slates):

Leadership, Empowerment, Activism and Determination

The Leadership, Empowerment, Activism and Determination slate ran:

Andrew Wong

Ann Marie Sanchez

Devin Whitney

Gemma Jimenez

Nadeah Vali

Kyle Keene

Friends Urging Campus Kindness

The Friends Urging Campus Kindness slate ran:

Robert Roy

Teresa Kenny

Pedro Hernandez

Mohammad "Yahya" Rouhani

Paul Ivanov

Kristen Birdsall

Chad "Reverend" Van Schoelandt

Student Focus

The Student Focus slate ran:

Cindy Yu

Ami Vora

Kai Savaree-Ruess

Ari Kalfayan

Kale Jenks


Jonathon Leathers

Avi Singh

Eric Fox

Behzad Farahbakhsh

Justin Hourany

The Victors

The candidates ranked first through sixth were Rob Roy, Avi Singh, Ari Kalfayan, Kristen Birdsall, Kyle Keene and Cindy Yu. They are to serve full senate terms of one year.

The candidates ranked seventh and eighth were Nadeah Vali and Eric Fox. They are to occupy the positions left open by the resignations of Nafeh Malik and Sean Ruel, from Spring 2005 until Fall 2005.

Some of the candidates appeared in a reasonably embarrassing "Can-i-dating Game Show" on AGTV

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