The Winter 2014 ASUCD Elections were held from February 18th at 8am to February 21st at 8am. Six Senate seats, along with the offices of President and Vice President, were up for election. Also up for a vote was one ballot measure seeking to increase student fees to subsidize The California Aggie. Voting took place, as always, at

Voter turnout was the second highest in recorded ASUCD History with 27.11%.1


The preliminary results were released on February 21, 2014.


Senate Candidates

Ballot Measure

*Invalidated by the ASUCD Court. Check the measure's page for reasons.

Aggie Endorsements

As seen in some previous elections, the Aggie decided to not give a full endorsement of six candidates as it normally would. Taken from the endorsement article, "Normally, we would select six senate candidates to endorse. Unfortunately, we were underwhelmed with the majority of prospective senators, most of whom are running on unfeasible and unoriginal platforms." "The California Aggie" has endorsed:


Senate Candidates

Ballot Measures

Fun Statistics

For the following sections bold means they were one of the winning candidates. These are not the actual election results.

Condorcet Winner

The Condorcet winner (the least objectionable candidate) of this election was Azka Fayyaz.

Top 6

2118 Azka Fayyaz
2070 Robyn Huey
1877 Amelia Helland
1758 Nicholas Sanchez
1682 Eugenia Chung
1634 Anthony Gil
1625 Andrea Jao
1617 Arya Shirani
1602 Zeenat Yahya
1562 Artem Senchev
1522 Sierra Henderson
1450 Sergio Gonzalez
1286 Diana Lopez Solorzano
1009 Gloria Chen
790 Gulraj Gill

Most Hated

Who got the most last-ranked votes? This election two winning candidates tied for most hated:

83 Artem Senchev
83 Azka Fayyaz
71 Amelia Helland
70 Gloria Chen
65 Arya Shirani
61 Gulraj Gill
58 Sergio Gonzalez
57 Nicholas Sanchez
52 Sierra Henderson
46 Diana Lopez Solorzano
45 Eugenia Chung
37 Anthony Gil
33 Zeenat Yahya
33 Robyn Huey
31 Andrea Jao

Potential Countback Elections

Coming soon...


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2014-02-22 00:02:19   For the other ASUCD Election nerds out there... I will archive the data for this election and the previous election on my website. I'm revamping the website to make it easier to update and not look awful. When that is done, I will add and update the links on daviswiki. —JonathonLeathers

2014-02-25 03:27:07   Interesting... we're 4 for 7 on electing the most hated candidate since Eli's Winter 2011 win. —RyanMeyerhoff


1. The amount of students who did not abstain on the Aggie Ballot measure was 19.26%, for Executive 24.32%, and for Senate 23.45%; however, many students expressed that they unaware of how to vote for The Aggie fee initiative in the first iteration of the website, and the default for those 8 hours was "Abstain", a voting choice not present on the Fee Initiative Bill.