Winter Break is a concept known to all but experienced mostly by students at UC Davis and other schools. For UC students, Winter Break starts whenever your last Final is (at most, Dec. 18th) and then lasts until Winter quarter begins (Jan. 3rd). While it's not likely to snow here in Davis, it certainly does in other areas of the world. Students typically flee Davis in great numbers, leaving the town feeling much lonelier than it did before.

Heading home for Winter Break

You'll need some form of transportation to get you out of town if you're leaving for break, otherwise you'll be stuck here and most of your friends will be gone. Heading home can be an interesting experience, especially for Freshmen. For them, Winter Break might be the first time they see their parents after having their newly found freedom. And, yes, your parents really are that crazy.

Staying in Davis during Winter Break

Other Break Activities

If you are a student, you might look into the Ski or Snowboard Club, which hosts various trips.