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Winters Jr Warriors Football & Cheerleading is a non-profit organization 501(c)3.


Winters Jr Warriors is a football and cheerleading organization in Winters, CA, Located in Northern CA. We need to raise money to purchase new equipment so we can replace our old equipment, but our organization has little to no money to purchase it on our own. We like your product and though it would be a good idea to raise funds through partnership through your company. I believe this could benefit both sides of the partnership, as you would receive advertising at a very low cost, while we receive a product a discounted price allowing us to fundraise even more money.


If you are interested in sponsoring the Winters Jr Warriors and/or one of the football and cheerleading squads, please contact Jason Trojanowski at Sponsor the Winters Jr Warriors, and your business logo will be viewable on our team site, and your sponsorship will be recognized at home games. Sponsor an individual team, which your business is the only sponsor on their site, as well as being listed on our team site. Your sponsorship will be recognized at home games, and we may allow a reasonable sized business banner to be displayed on game day. Sponsor through product donation. We accept money/food/equipment/etc., donations to help support our aging program. By sponsoring our program through product donation and/or discounted products, we will display you business logo on our team site, recognize your sponsorship at home games, and allow a reasonable sized business banner to be placed on game day.

Winters Jr Warriors gladly accepts donations to support our football and cheerleading organization at:

Winters Jr Warriors Football & Cheerleading PO Box 1273 Winters, CA 95694 Attn: Donations

Thank you,

Jason Trojanowski Winters Jr Warriors, Board Member

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