What the hole looked like with the dam in place

Located just downstream of downtown Winters, the Winters Swimming Hole found both Winters' locals and adventurous Davisites enjoying its cool waters. People can be found splashing into the water as they jump from a well-used rope swing. People were also once seen sun bathing on the defunct concrete dam.

On October 10th, 2009 the dam was dismantled and the river was allowed to flow freely once again.

Dam Removal


By bicycle - Take the Russell Boulevard bike path to its completion, turn left on Stevenson Bridge Rd, right on Putah Creek road (7mi), and turn right over the pedestrian bridge next to Winters Rd. Once over the bridge, turn right and walk your bike a few hundred yards down the pedestrian footpath until you see the rope swing hanging from a large Sycamore. The trip turns out to be 14.25 miles total from campus to the rope swing.

Driving: Take Covell all the way to Winters. Once in down town winters make a left past Buckhorn and you will see a Gazebo. Park there/park your bike there). Head past the Gazebo and there should be a trail. Walk down the trail about 300 feet by Putah Creek and you will see the rope swing to your right.