760 D Street
(Central Davis, between 7th & 8th Streets)
Covered parking
BBQ Area
No Pets Policy

Wong Apartments offers one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging from $730/month for a one bedroom apartment with a Security Deposit of $980 and $950/month for two bedroom apartment with a security Deposit of $ 1200 [September 2012], is on Unitrans L bus line, located in Central Davis, close to UCDavis, nice and quiet small 6 unit apartment complex.

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2005-03-29 11:46:39   are you sure this is the right place? pretty sure... i still think we're at the wong apartments... —ArlenAbraham

2006-12-16 01:11:15   anyone know what the current rates are? —TrevorKuss

2008-10-29 12:11:59   Remember to write everything on the move in, Simmons Real Estate is currently trying to screw me out of 64 bucks for a screen when they told me it was broken when I had moved in due to me not writing it down. And remember to clean well, the cleaning is not cheap even if the ladies at the management office tell you it is. —HiD33Ho

2011-05-25 12:51:11   http://i.imgur.com/KNu4G.jpg


2013-11-25 02:06:11   Is there any available room for a couples in Jan, 2014?