This page is for archiving comments from 2006-2008 for Woodside Apartments.

2006-01-13 01:12:56   My boyfriend lives here, and I don't really like it. —AllisonMears

2006-02-15 22:45:42   Solidly built, if unglamorous. Maintenance is responsive. Worth it if you don't want amenities (but hot water plentiful) but a pleasant place. Good for friendly but not party environment. — NotTires —NotTires

2006-04-24 21:54:09   I have lived here for one year, and I agree with NotTires. I personally would live here again, although it's somewhat soulless. Pros: Semi-furnished with desk, shelves, closets. Plenty of closet space in kitchen. The management was very flexible and let us pay the deposit in two installments after we got paid. We also got half of the first month's rent off, but I hear this won't be offered in Fall 2006. It's nice that the E line stops on two sides of the building, so if you miss it on F Street, you can catch it about 8 minutes later on 8th Street. :-) Some downsides: I haven't been here during summer, but one window AC might be a bit warm on the 3rd floor. There's also only one gas heater in the living room, none in the bedrooms. —JoFeuerstein

2006-09-25 00:48:43   I don't think wireless internet is included. I asked the manager how to connect to the wireless internet (fall 2006), she said that I have to find my own service provider... —JiLiang

2006-11-02 23:13:30   The same thing happened with me with the internet as JiLiang said. She didn't really understand what I was asking. Also,we were told there was a balcony and central air. the "balcony"is debatable as its more like an outdoor hallway than a private balcony. Definitely no central air, but I found it wasn't necessary with the living room air conditioner. I have no real problems with the place, though. Management is really nice and responsive and apologetic when maitenance is needed. Maitenance is prompt. It's relatively quiet, no parties or loud frat guys. We'll probably stay here since most places have higher rent with the same amenities. —EricaMacGregor

2006-11-02 23:15:40   I forgot to add that the bus is kind of loud in the morning and there is a lot of traffic noises, mostly garbage trucks in the morning. —EricaMacGregor

2006-11-07 11:40:15   Alice the onsite manager is very nice. However, it is pretty loud (large vehicles driving by, the trash trucks, buses, trains). Note about the train tracks: I've had my bus stuck on the otherside of the train bars after a train passed and the bars were stuck in a downward position 2 times so far since I moved in. At that point you freak out and take another bus to class after being half an hour late, or just skip class. Recently all tenants had windows replaced with double paned glass windows. Word of caution: the people who did the windows did not properly seal them. So the day of first real rain, several apartments throughout the complex and leaky windows. My roommate's window was completely useless: water was literally waterfalling into her room because the gutters right above her window had not been properly cleaned out and were clogged in such a way that all the water instead came rushing down her improperly sealed window and right into her room. It was a good thing she was actually at home day. —StudentRuby

2007-08-03 11:18:13   Between my roommate and I, we've had 3 bikes stolen over a period of 4 months. Only one of the bikes was really nice and screaming for it to be stolen. The other two were not all that special, but still stolen any how. The complex does not offer a secure place to lock your bike, you have to lock it to itself. Which means people can just swing by and lift them. When we complained about this to the manager, she said the only thing she can do is offer us one of the bikes that had been deserted around the complex. Taking one of those crappy things and fixing it up would be more expensive than buying a whole new cheap crappy bike. —StudentRuby

2007-08-03 11:22:57   For people who have apartments facing the parking lot: it can get super loud when garbage pickup morning swings around. The garbage and recyclables are picked up on different days, so you get noisy mornings a couple times a week. You can even hear (and get annoyed by) the garbage trucks when it moves to the complex next door. If your on the side closest to the f and 8th intersection, you can hear the intersection pedestrian crosswalk voice telling pedestrians when and where to walk from your window.

A couple times a week, homeless people will swing by and rummage through the garbage/recyclables at very odd hours of the day. This morning I was awakened by 2 males who spent half an hour plus crushing and packing away plastic bottles at 5 in the morning. I can hear their conversation through my window. Closing the window is not always an option, since the rooms can get really stuffy. —StudentRuby

2008-05-26 13:48:27   Do parents have to sign a form if a student doesn't make like 3x the rent in a month? Because its annoying. —rosepetal140

2008-10-11 02:51:23   Where to start...As for the deposit: Make sure you asked for an itemized list of what you're being charged for-they'll get you for every thing they can if you don't pay attention to it.We got charged for carpet cleaning.The lease specifically says that they cannot charge for "normal wear and tear" and this includes carpet cleaning.After battling for about a month, we finally got the carpet cleaning charge taken off after fighting it for what seemed like forever.We also asked if interest would be added to the part of the deposit that would be given back to us.They said "yes".Of course they didn't.Yet another battle ensued. We received the deposit with interest eventually.I can't stress enough the importance of knowing what your lease says and reading your rights as a renter!We had the Davis Model Lease and so anyone with this should not get charged for carpet cleaning (under normal wear and tear) and you should receive interest on your deposit. Most people don't know this so the management take advantage. —EricaMacGregor