The World Cup rolls around every four years. Many people in the international and cosmopolitan town of Davis enjoy watching it. But where to do so?

World Cup '14

The games this year are at relatively reasonable times for people in our timezone: 9:00am, 12:00am, and 3:00pm for most of the group stage games.

* de Vere's Irish Pub is showing all of the games, including the morning games during the week. They have two TV's: one in the front corner, and a smaller one above the corner of the bar. * The Graduate is also showing the games, and opening at 8:30 for the morning games. They have large tvs. * Uncle Vito's Slice of N.Y. is showing the 12 noon and 3pm games. Big tvs all around, including two over the bar. * Village Pizza & Grill has a tv over the bar and is showing the lunchtime games. * Barista Brew is open early, has a tv that is showing the games, and is a nice non-bar option. * Taqueria El Burrito has a tv and seems to be showing the games. * University of Beer has been showing the later games on the tv on their outside patio when I've walked past the last couple of days. Perhaps not the best place if you want to seriously watch the game though. * 3rd & U Cafe has a sign in the window that says "watch the world cup here!"

Women's World Cup '11

The Graduate will be opening early for the morning games (9am, it sounds like). Lamppost Pizza is a good option, since it opens 8am daily and has a special breakfast menu. The Davis Beer Shoppe has a screen and often shows Soccer, but it won't be opening early (sob).

World Cup '10 Results

For all you Soccer Fans, Spain won the World Cup by beating Netherlands in the finals, 1-0 by an Iniesta goal in the 116th minute of the game. 2010 was Spain's 1st World Cup win, 1st Final Appearence, and 1st Semifinal Appearence. Though USA lost in the round of 16 to Ghana, 1-2, their ability to have gottten out of group stages being 1st is what the US is optimistic about. The Results of the World Cup are as follows:

Other World Cup awards are as followed:
Golden Ball:
Golden Boot:
Thomas MÜLLER (5 goals 3 assists)
Golden Glove:
Best Young Player Award:
FIFA Fair Play Trophy:
Most Entertaining Team:

Where to watch the 2010 World Cup

3rd and U Cafe

Opens at 8 a.m during weekdays and has good beer deals. Three beers for $6 if purchased during the match (Blue Moon or Ranger IPA only).

Barista Brew

Open at 7 a.m, has one screen and is a great non-bar option for those early games. Coffee at $1.29 will help wake you up until the games get exciting

Beach Hut Deli

Open at 11 a.m. Two screens in the back.

The Grad

Although they charge a $5 cover, even for the 7 a.m. games, it's redeemable for $5 worth of food or drink during the game. They serve a set-menu breakfast (choice of 3: eggs, eggs, biscuits, waffles, sausage, hash browns in a warmer) starting at $6.95 and coffee at $2-3. If you come with your friends, you can combine your coupons. They have multiple screens and can play simultaneous matches. There's a sizable international crowd too.

  • You can't really rely on their listed times for replaying matches. On Wednesday, June 23, for example, they said they were going to replay the US-Algeria game (which was live at 7am) at 11:30 and 5. Despite a couple of requests, though, they wouldn't show it at 11:30 on even one screen. One employee even checked their flyer and acknowledged that it was listed at 11:30.

— Sincere apologies for not showing the USA replay and the England replay at 11:30am. It was not because we "refused" to show it, I ran out of room on the DVR's that have been recording every match daily. We are (and will continue to) showing replays every day, but I made the mistake and I apologize. If we had it recorded, out of all matches we replayed, that definitely would be the one. — Dstaf

— We will continue to support Soccer fans when world cup is over. We will be open at 7AM on Saturday August 14th for opening day of the English Premier League and also show most UEFA Champions League games via Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, GolTV, ESPN3 & many other soccer friendly feeds. — Dstaf

Lamppost Pizza

Not sure that they open early, but they have lunch deals and show the 11:30am live games.

Little Prague

They open early....even for the 4:30 a.m. games! They have multiple screens and can play simultaneous matches.

$5 for eggs or omelet with toast. Add sides (fried potatoes, ham, sausages, bacon, spinach, dumplings) for $2.50. $3 for Bagel w/ cream cheese $5 for German sausage Coffee- $2.50. Tea/Juice/Chocolate Milk - $3. Milk - $2

They also serve pastries.

El Mariachi

Opens at 11 a.m.

Steve's Pizza

Awesome $5 lunch specials and 2 high definition tv's. If for some reason another sport is on, ask the cashier and they will change the channel! Open at 11 am every day.


They have 4 televisions around the bar showing the world cup after 11:30am and there’s a $5 liter and $3 pint of beer deal during the game.

Tacos and Beer

Their regular opening hours are 11 a.m. Unknown whether they open early.

Uncle Vito's Slice of N.Y.

They have a sign in the window saying they are open for U.S. matches.


A poster in the window says they are playing World Cup games. Their regular opening hours are 11 a.m.

Special Events

The following places are hosting ....

International House

After hosting an opening game viewing party, the I-House remains open (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.) for drop-in during the matches.