RobRoy started Write Club early in the year 2003. It lasted for a year before the university shut it down after a poetry reading that offended some people. The irony was that the poetry reading was not a Write Club event but rather an Art opening that happened to have a few Write Club members. The cops shut it down all because someone said the word "fuck". To quote the curator of the MU Art Gallery (which is on the second floor) "Language has no place in poetry". Who knows what that means but it certainly shows that the art department on campus is a bit contradictory.

The purpose of Write Club was to provide a forum for people who were interested in performing self written literary works. The organization boasted almost a hundred members.

the website has not been updated for a long while. One day RobRoy may do something with it again.


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2004-12-06 15:07:18   It was certainly a sad turn of events. I had many memorable experiences at write club readings. - DanMasiel

2004-12-06 15:55:05   i <3 write club. rob, i think you should hold clandestine meetings under a new alias...we'll take the mu art gallery yet! - KristenBirdsall

2005-05-06 16:48:20   hey anyone interested in starting up something similar again? it can definetly be underground- we've been doing the open mic night circuit in davis and sac, and its entirely possible to maybe even come up with a literary mag of some type. —JillBenciWoodward

  • I think it would be awesome to start again, but if you were wise you wouldn't attach Write Club's name to it in any way because SPAC isn't a big fan and Club Finance Council probably wouldn't help out with money. - KristenBirdsall
    • Of course if someone wants to be on the CFC board, it would make getting money much easier. It's also possible to petition ASUCD and their Academic Affairs Commission. —BrentLaabs
      • I'm in. But then, you knew that, didn't you Jill? Just tell me when, where, and what to bring. ~ CindySperry

2005-05-06 18:43:53   What the fuck! Dude...hello!?? The ACLU gets off on these kinds of cases!! Do it again, and if they shut ya can sue....and then set up a scholarship for poor students who offend.... I also find it hilarious that Robs club got shut down for saying FUCK —JimSchwab

2005-06-10 00:26:10   Wow, I never heard about this. Rob, no mention of this at KDVS or Dr. Andy's show? This makes me embarassed to be a student at this university. It's so god damn puritanical. —JeremyNewton

2006-02-20 19:03:58   Curator of MU Art Gallery has clearly never read any poetry by Philip Larkin, or any Shakespeare, or... —LiamCreighton

2006-02-21 09:22:40   Didn't all you write club homos stop actually WRITING? —JoshFernandez

2006-11-14 16:28:37   Is this dead? What happened to Write Club? —ArlenAbraham