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Logos 2014 Valentine's Day

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Xylocopa is a psychedelic world music band based in Davis, formed by Patrick Foley, Tobit Maytal, Dave Dauphine and Colin Foley in 2010 or 2011. We play original songs, covers and jams, and have performed at small venues (such as the Village Homes Craft Fair, Davis Friday ArtAbout, Davis E Street Plaza, Pence Gallery, house parties etc.). We play rhythmically/harmonically complex music from the Celtic, Caribbean and Californian fringes, and anything else we like or can invent. We are well-equipped to play acoustically or with 200 watts of battery power or with a couple of thousand watts of AC speakers.

Contact patfoley@csus.edu

Spring 2016 gigs: Davis ArtAbout March 11 at Logos Bookstore in Davis 6:30-8:30PM;  St. Patrick's Day March 17 at Cork It Again 4th &GST Davis 6-8PM

The core band varies from month to month. Many musicians have played with this band and now are like spirits in the wind ... or maybe they just have lives. Xylocopa is a Greek word meaning 'woodcutter', and it is the name of the large genus of tropical Carpenter bees, 3 species of which have outposts in California. Xylocopa varipuncta is the largest bee in our area, the females shiny and black, the males furry, golden with green eyes. They dig holes in the redwood arbor under Xylocopa Studios (seen above). https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa contains 3 dozen songs, half original. You might also check out Veridies and Dave Dauphine on Soundcloud.

Some songs on Soundcloud

A recent original song Only the Night  https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/only-the-night ;

An original instrumental Over the Hills https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/over-the-hills ;

An original vocal, Sleeping with the Dead https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/xylocopa-sleeping-with-the ;  

An original jam, Soraya's Dance https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/sorayas-dance ;

A folk song Motherless Child https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/motherless-child ;

A live cover of Summertime https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/summertimevhcf2012  ;

An original song, Appointment in Samarra https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/appointment-in-samarra  ;

Songs from a live performance at Logos 4th birthday Valentine's Day 2014 https://soundcloud.com/xylocopa/sets/logos-2014

Core members, friends and lost souls who have wandered for a moment into Xylocopa Studios Present core: PatrickFoley (patfoley@csus.edu) guitar, voice, synth, bass, songwriting, sound production;  Colin Foley guitar, bass, voice, keyboard, songwriting, sound production https://soundcloud.com/veridies ; Blaine Glover drums, percussion and voice; Didar Khalsa guitar, voice, songwriting https://soundcloud.com/didar-singh-4 ,  https://didarsinghkhalsa.bandcamp.com; Elizabeth Oramas double bass.

On the periphery:  Tobit Maytal drums and percussion; Alec Weigt bass; Jonathan Youngs mandolin, voice, keyboards, saxophone, composition; Sue Rutherford voice, djembe; Gerardo Spinelli bass, voice; Tina Mills voice, songwriting; Brangwyn Foley voice, ukelele; Dave Dauphine voice, harmonica, guitar, banjo, songwriting https://soundcloud.com/dave-dauphine; Souheila Benfrid voice, songwriting; Jake Leraul bass, guitar, voice, songwriting; Soraya del Pilar Manzor Rivas voice, flute; Elaine Fingerett accordion, voice, ukulele; Nathan deRopp trumpet, keyboard; Kenny Koller electric guitar; Gary Saylin ukelele, acoustic guitar, voice http://home.earthlink.net/~gbsaylin/; a lad named Bryce guitar, bass, hand drums.