At First and E Street

Tables along bench, chairs opposite


109 E Street

Sunday, Monday: 5pm-10pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 5pm-12am


*last call is 30 min before closing

(530) 753-3196
Wheelchair Accessible
September 17, 2014
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards for orders over $15

Yakitori Yuchan is an izakaya-styled Japanese restaurant that serves skewered grilled meats, veggies, and seafood along with various other Japanese dishes. It is the first yakitori restaurant in Davis. There is a bar-like area in the front half of the restaurant, with a bar and high-legged stools. The back half of the restaurant has a mix of booths and tables; one central table is good for large groups (8-10) while smaller tables seat 2-4 along a wall.

Beach Hut Deli was formerly at this location.


Many choices of skewered meats

If you turn your head you can get a (vague) idea of the non-skewered choices; this photo needs to be replaced


Pork Belly with Asparagus

Chicken Thighs: Tare, Crispy Garlic, Wasabi Cream, Mustard, Salt

Chicken Breast Tare Nasu Dengaku, eggplant with pork in sweet ginger miso sauce Skewered okra Tofu Dengaku: panfried tofu with homemade sweet miso sauce Omusoba: omelette over yakisoba noodles mixed with pork and vegetables, topped with tonkatsu/mayo sauce Hiyayakko: chilled tofu, ginger, and green onion with ponzu sauce


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2014-09-26 22:54:14   The chicken skewers are very tasty. Each of those 6" skewers has about five bites on it for $2-2.50 each; a plate is $4-5 for two. Perhaps I don't understand the style/intention of the restaurant (snack vs meal), but I would have loved a bowl of rice. The menu photo cuts off most of the details on the grilled onigiri (rice balls, $4) which seemed to be the only rice option. They're in the soft opening phase, so on this Friday night they were out of gyoza and shishito peppers. —JudithTruman

  • Chazuke is also another rice option!

2014-10-23 15:06:39   The portions here are pretty small, but that's how izakaya restaurants are like, apparently. Anyway, despite the small portions, I had a good impression of the food here when I first dined here. Unfortunately however, they seem to have a constant problem with running out of ingredients very quickly. I came in just a little after they had opened and they still somehow managed to run out of the shishito pepper that my sister and I ordered. I have to wonder how small their food stocks are if they keep running out so easily. Still, it seems the best time to come in to this place is right when they open, since it can get rather hectic in the later hours according to what I've read on Yelp reviews. —MichelleNguyen

2014-11-02 10:12:07   We were able to get seated by the bar on arrival, but a line formed shortly afterwards. The food is different from traditional Japanese and sushi restaurants, with lots of skewer options and different presentations of noodle dishes. We were very impressed with the fresh ingredients and unexpected flavors that came with each small dish. The prices were quite reasonable considering the quality of the food. The server was informed and helpful, and service was well timed with new dishes arriving as we finished the first ones. The decor is very well done, in fact exceptionally creative for Davis. They have a very limited selection of moderate quality Sake by the glass, but many good options by the bottle, as well as the usual Japanese beers and a few wines. They will keep your sake bottle for your next visit (within 30 days). Overall we quite enjoyed our dinner and will certainly be returning. I wish they were open for lunch. —AndrewWaterhouse

2014-11-17 10:45:12   Closes so early! Wish they would expand their hours on the weekends. —ToddKaiser