Yara Zokaie is a third year Psychology and Philosophy double major. She works as a campus tour guide, TAs the women’s self-defense course, and is involved in Greek Life. Yara is endorsed by The California Aggie.

Candidate Statement

Hi everyone! I am running for ASUCD Senate with BOLD because I believe student government can do so much more for UC Davis students, and I know I can help provide you with the changes you want to see. I am someone that works hard to understand your concerns, and because I am passionate I will work to implement the changes you want to see. Feel free to talk to me anytime about anything – I want to hear what you have to say!

Platforms: IMPLEMENT A CAMPUS-WIDE STYROFOAM BAN I have noticed that UC Davis has been using greater amounts of Styrofoam, hindering our progress towards being a zero waste campus by 2020. Styrofoam does not break down easily, contaminates the water supply, and takes up more and more space in landfills. As a Senator, I would propose a campus-wide Styrofoam ban, and would provide compostable alternatives. I will also campaign with CalPIRG towards a city ban, and support expanding composting and recycling.

IMPROVE CAMPUS SAFETY UC Davis has a reputation for being a safe campus, but I believe there is a lack of communication between police and students about crimes that occur. Student-police relations have a lot of room for improvement, and as a Senator I would work to bridge the gap between the police and the students. I would accomplish this by interviewing different police officers about a variety of issues, such as: how to prevent your party from being shut down, the best ways to respond to an officer in a variety of situations, and police tips to students for self-protection given the crimes common to Davis. I would make sure this information is well publicized, and work with AggieTV to publish a video summarizing information from the interviews. This video would also be shown during freshmen and transfer orientations. Lastly, I would work with the Student-Police Relations Committee to publicize a forum where students can openly ask the police questions and receive honest answers.

My platforms are all feasible projects that I am passionate about and feel a personal connection to. If elected, I promise to work on these projects, while continuing to hear your voice and address your concerns and ideas. I would stand behind student advocacy efforts, and make sure ASUCD is there to support and assist students.

Vote Yara #1 and BOLD #2-6 for ASUCD Senate!


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