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He has a beard and wears all denim. He stands on the grass near of the center walkway and screams about Jesus until his voice is hoarse. And after his voice is hoarse he screams for another hour. Sometimes people bring chairs out to listen to him rant.

And then he disappears for months, only to return again to do the same thing. No one has ever seen him convert anyone. But he certainly is one of the more elusive of the Town Characters.

He should not be confused with a small group of characters from Nevada who come about once a year with large signs to preach.

I'm not sure but this may be a reference to "Brother Jed" a rather portly gentleman who wears suspenders and rants about the sin of premarital kissing, shouts "trollop!" at passing sorority girls, and makes frequent references to his "virgin daughter." Sometimes she accompanies him and wily young men plot to seduce her, or at least find out if she's really as good as her father thinks. When he's not here he's at other universities, I believe he spends all his time going from university to university doing this. He has a webpage and is "brojed" on AIM actually. I've had him on my list for at least a year now actually but never felt saucy enough to start a conversation with him, or even IM him. -KrisFricke

Definitely a great event, I've seen him a few nights in the spring - RohiniJasavala

I've seen brother Jed on campus before, but there's also this really skinny guy who will start yelling and preaching. He's always dressed in somewhat shabby clothes, but he always wears a tie. He has a slight mustache, and is good at quoting the bible. Not really good about processing the information, but hey, he's good at yelling too. I'd like to see shabby skinny mustache and tie guy square off against the heftier Brother Jed. Could this guy I'm describing be Joe Sherman? -jr

"I've created a page for Brother Jed, since he appeared on the quad today and deserves our recognition." Brother Jed Smock


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2004-12-26 18:50:31   He has his right to be there. But please don't confuse him with my Alpha Gamma Omega -AGO brothers (the Christian Fraternity that prays near the flagpole at 12 PM every school day) —GeorgejAndrews

2004-12-26 23:52:00   Off topic, but isn't it contrary to Matthew 6:6 to pray at the flagpole at 12 pm every school day? —KenjiYamada

2004-12-28 00:38:02   i' m really glad you brought up that point. At first 4 years ago, i was confused by the 12 PM prayer also because it seemed like the excact actions of the Pharisees in the bible. But the flagpole location is used out of convenience. Most of the AGO guys pray there because most of us are around the flagpole area at noon. But i totally understand how it could be misinterpreted that way. In Matthew 6, Jesus was making a jab at the boastful Pharisee who had a “holier then you” attitude. AGO does not pray with a holier attitude. In fact, all are welcome into the prayer circle. Come join us :-) —GeorgejAndrews

2004-12-28 07:56:18   I'm not religious but thanks for the invitation. Maybe the criticism could be avoided by meeting at the flagpole and then going somewhere private to pray? —KenjiYamada

2005-04-05 16:28:40   OK so today there was a man out on the Quad yelling and preaching from like 1 pm to 2 or thereabouts...he doesn't seem to fit any of these descriptions though so I'm not sure who he was. He was middle-aged, with gray hair, wore sunglasses, and dressed fairly casually (blue collared shirt and jeans). He had another man with him who was dressed in similar clothing and who didn't yell anything but occasionally encouraged the guy who was yelling. For awhile nobody noticed and then people started walking by and stopping to dude was hella mocking him, another girl got up in his face when he said she was "sinning" and all that jazz. Anyway it was kinda funny and random. So who is this third dude, and did anyone else witness this? —KalenRidenour

2005-04-05 17:43:30   I might have been the guy that was "hella mocking him" although I tried to be pretty respectful.I wasn't the guy that rode by him on a bike and pretended to jerk off. HAHAHAA!! PeteHernandez got a picture of him and his name. —JackHaskel

2005-04-21 13:50:52   Ah yes, the bike masturbator - my roommate, Damian Fernandez. Can we post the picture somewhere? He was so proud... —DanielMedinaCleghorn

2005-04-29 00:57:51   Maybe this page should be renamed to Yelling PreacherS on the quad since there seems to be a few... what do you guys think? —AbbyLawson

2010-05-28 15:59:09   he's been yelling opposite Chipotle these days, slim dude .. not portly. —hiraalikhan

2011-02-27 15:28:07   Is brother Jed the same guy that yells opposite Chipotle? There was someone there today spouting nonsense but he didn't have a beard.

I was amused when a homeless man started to heckle him. —OliviaY

No, that is Joe