Yoga is extremely popular in Davis — it is a discipline integrating mental and physical exercises to produce a harmonious union with the cosmos (and increase your balance and flexibility). Meditation may be presented as an important aspect. See our Gyms & Fitness page to find out about other fitness opportunities in the Davis area.

Yoga Classes / Sessions

Yoga for Children

Wonder Warriors Kids Yoga offers year-round yoga and mindfulness classes for kids at the Davis Art Center


Yoga Practices

  • Fasting is a yoga practice. The most recommended day is the eleventh day (Ekadashi in Sanskrit) after the new or full moon.
  • Acroyoga

Special Events

Recommendations and Comments

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"I highly recommend the Hatha Kundalini Flow yoga at the EC with Annie Laurie!" - AD

"And I highly recommend the Vinyasa Flow class taught by Kali Slusser at Barefoot Yoga Studio" -Janelle

"Bikram Yoga is wonderful - the new studio on L Street (Bikram Yoga Davis) in Davis is run by a wonderful woman named Erin who is the perfect person to introduce you to this "hot yoga," if you've never been. Great facility, brilliant workout, accessible for every level." - EH

"I think the Bo Tree is a wonderful place! All the staff are friendly, extremely caring and supportive. Beginners feel especially welcome. Judging by the number of other 'repeat clients' I see there, I think many people would agree the classes at The Bo Tree are good for the mind, spirit, and body!" JF

"I love the Bo Tree. I've practiced yoga loyally for 18 years, and Meghan & Heather at The Bo Tree are two of the best teacher I’ve had. I love the style and spirit of the center. It’s loving and welcoming and it radiates the true spirit of yoga." - Susan Walker

"If you're new, or you love hatha yoga but hate feeling drained afterwards, take a class with Heather Lawrence (EC, Davis Holistic Center or Bo Tree). She's a wonderful instructor, she accommodates for multiple levels, and she's one of the most relaxed and pleasant people I've ever met." -AnsateJones

"After long days at the lab or in class, I really look forward to Megan's strong positive energy at The Bo Tree. She is really an incredible yoga teacher. Her classes really rejuvenate me." —Betty

2006-12-22 14:48:14   There are some fantastic yoga instructors at the experimental college. I was going to the ARC because it was nearby, but EC really won me over. I've also noticed you could construct about 4-5 months worth of yoga with introductory deals around Davis. —AmyGoogenspa

2008-08-24 13:21:00   The Bo Tree has managed to survive the departure of some excellent teachers this spring. Debbie E is still there and she rocks! —BeenThere

2010-02-12 11:29:59   The Bo Tree really is a wonderful place. Debbie indeed is awesome!! But everyone there that I've met is extremely warm and welcoming, especially for beginners. They are patient and kind and don't make you feel excluded. —dizzyditz

2010-05-16 21:56:09   If anyone wants to give AcroYoga (Acrobatics, Yoga, and Thai Massage) a shot this summer, hit me up and we can play in the park. Besides that I recommend Bikram Yoga Davis and Barefoot Yoga Studio (particularly Rebecca) for classes. —MeganK

2010-05-17 17:40:10   If your going to do yoga, go all out and hit up the bikram —StevenDaubert

2011-04-23 20:05:59   I recommend Power Vinyasa Flow at the FIT House (I am the teacher)! —WendiMcCaskill

2012-12-07 15:59:53   I work at Get Fit Davis, and try to hire some of the best Yoga teachers in Davis for our Yoga classes. UCD students would just have to pay $25/month for a full membership and they could take unlimited Yoga classes and any other classes that Get Fit Davis offers! —ErwinNguyen