You may well be looking for Yolo County. This entry is about the tiny town of Yolo located north of Woodland

Yolo is also a small town about 3 miles north of Woodland off of I-5. Like the County, it is believed that "Yolo" is derived from the word "yoloy," a Native American word signifying "a place filled with rushes."

The history is a bit confusing, as over the years there have been a series of changing names and similar names. Initially the area was named "Cockran's Crossing", for the hotel built in 1849 by Thomas Cockran. Soon joined by James A. Hotton's competing hotel, the area became known as Hutton's Ranch or Travelers' Home. Yolo County was created in 1850 as one of the original California counties. A courthouse was built in 1857 and the area was renamed "Cacheville", becoming the county seat. A few miles south of Cacheville was Yolo City, a town that grew much bigger than little Cacheville, eventually becoming the new county seat and renamed Woodland. Sometime before 1870, Cacheville was renamed to the current name of Yolo.

When purchasing items over the Internet, one is sometimes asked: Yolo (inside city) or Yolo (outside city). If you live in Davis, you live outside of the city of Yolo, although if that is what they are asking is unclear. It appears you'll get your item no matter how you answer, but hey — caveat emptor, literally in this case.

USGS says the elevation is 82 feet, and centers it at 38.73194, -121.80667 .