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Warning: yolobargainer.com contains malware

YoloBargainer.com seems to have been infected by a botnet, which attempts to infect your computer and use it for various nefarious purposes. For more information, see the Google safebrowsing entry on kotran, the network that is pushing malware to YoloBargainer.com.

Back to the actual Bargainer

The main purpose of Yolo Bargainer is to get more exposure for local businesses in Davis and to promote community shopping. Yolo Bargainer serves up great deals while also supporting local businesses and charities. They pretty much create an all-around-win situation: Customers get a great deal, Davis companies get new customers and local charities get more contributions.

Here's how it works:

  1. The customer goes to the site and checks out the great offer. (The Coupon!)

  2. If customers like the deal, they buy the deal.

  3. Once enough customers buy it, about 10 or 15 people, then the deal is on!

  4. Davis companies get new customers and business stays in Davis!!

**The best part is that for every purchase made, Yolo Bargainer raises money for a charity that the customer selects. The customer always has three options for which charity to support and Yolo Bargainer is always open for new suggestions for additional ones.

By the way, if not enough people buy it, customers don't get charged a thing. But it's still a good way to advertise for local businesses!! If you are a local business and want info you should send a request to their email. They offer free advertisement!


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