Yolo Center for Families

D Street House, Davis:

For 12 years, the Yolo Center for Families ( has been strengthening and supporting families and individuals in Yolo County by connecting them to community resources and services. Recently, in partnership with Davis Community Church, the Center opened up a resource center in central Davis, “D Street House” (441 D St.; 530-757-1261). While many of the services offered at D Street House provide significant support for lower-income families and individuals, Yolo Center for Families also provides programs and connections to services that support individuals and families from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The services and programs currently offered out of D St House cover four main areas: Family Support, Children’s Services, Health Services, and Access to Benefits. Examples of services/programs include homeless services, women's support groups, case management, infant and toddler playgroups, parent education, child development screenings, Zumba classes, and food distributions. Please see for up-to-date offerings.

Individuals and families can both give and receive at D Street House, so please consider serving as a volunteer. Call 530-757-1261 for more information.

Yolo Center for Families Sites:

Woodland Center (Main Office) 828 Court St., Woodland, CA 95695 530-406-7221

Woodland High - La Semilla 21 N. West St., Woodland, CA 95695 530-662-4678 x5422

Knights Landing Center 9586 Mill St., Knights Landing, CA 95645 530-735-1776 x102

West Sacramento Center 2455 W. Capitol Ave., West Sacramento, CA 95691 916-372-4252

D Street House 441 D St., Davis, CA 95616 530-757-1261

Hours: M-F 9:00AM-4:00pm (Closed on Weekends/Holidays)

Marguerite Montgomery Elementary Center 1441 Danbury St., Davis, CA 95618 530-759-2159

Hours: M-F 8:30am-2:30pm (Closed Thursdays, Weekends, & Holidays)


Our mission is to provide prevention and intervention services that empower individuals and families to achieve their goals and be active stewards of our community.

The Center for Families core cultural values: Value and nurture family Honor and celebrate culture Invest in community Be creative with your resources Be passionate and have fun Build open and honest relationships Communication, collaboration, and partnership are key Be welcoming and friendly Be willing to teach and learn from one another Dedicated to individuals and families in need

Our center provides a holistic, one-stop access points for family support, child, youth development, and health resources. We serve individuals of all ages. Every child and youth has a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which to grow and develop to his or her potential. Our goal is to improve the health, social, educational, and economic outcomes for Yolo County residents. Every family is guided to be stable and self-reliant. The Center for Families honors clients' cultural practices and traditions. We recognize our clients as equal partners whose strengths are appreciated, enhanced, and utilized.