1250 E. Gum Ave, Woodland, CA 95776 (main entrance)
1125 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776 (office)
Dates & Times
2009: August 19-23
2010: August 18-22
2013: August 14-18
Wed: 6PM-Midnight
Thu-Sun: Noon-Midnight
fax: 530-402-2210
Free admission (charges for special events)

The Yolo County Fair, California's largest and oldest free-admission fair, is held annually in August at the Yolo County Fairgrounds. It has midway rides, fair food, farm animals, kids' activities, musical entertainment, and an auto destruction derby. Some years, it precedes the California State Fair but ran concurrently in 2006. As of 2013, it runs a couple weeks after the state fair.

The Yolo County Fair is easy to get to by bus, since it is on the Yolobus #42 route.

Yolo County Fair Offices


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2005-08-22 17:52:14   Unfortunately, I went there the day after it closed, thanks to bad dates given by the .com site (and a bad listing in the DavisWiki events calendar). The office there told me the .com site was cybersquatting and that the correct domain is yolocountyfair.net. The official web site is not as pretty, but at least it is accurate. —SteveDavison

2005-08-22 19:55:27   We went to the fair this weekend. It was a pretty good time. The Bottom Dwellers were playing and they were great! —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-11-30 15:45:51   I am confused by your comments you refer to the .com site as being cyber squatting however you know nothing of why or how the site came about yet you term it as cybersquatting Wow I am amazed on how incorrect you are. Why don't you contact them and ask them for yourself before you jump to conclusions I happen to know the guy that put up the website and has done so with no cost to the fair ever. Yet I notice on your site you look for dontations (Don't see that on the fair website) Not trying to judge you for that because it is expensive to maintain a website however there is more the other side of that .com site than you know. —TysonWilson

When I visited the main office, they told me that I had inadvertantly gone to the cybersquatting site, and that I should have gone to the "Only Official Site" at yolocountyfair.NET They also mentioned they had a lawyer looking into the matter. Personally I am not taking sides on this matter, but it seems reasonable to consider the Fair head office to be authoritative. I couldn't see any solicitation for donations on the Official Site, perhaps you are confusing them with the Davis Wiki (which they probably are unaware of). The .com site does have a load of inaccurate information (though it does look pretty) -it caused me to waste a whole day. (So the question is: why does he do it?) —SteveDavison

Ad revenue. The squatter's site is registered to "Thumbtak Ads". —WilliamLewis

2012-08-18 17:32:44   We visited the fair early Saturday and greatly enjoyed the arts, crafts and animals. Disappointing was that the once-free parking at the mall across the street is now $5. Being the only free fair was nicely complemented with the free parking before. —JimStewart