We founded the Yolo Film Society in 2012 to help address what we saw as a gaping hole in the cinematic landscape of Northern California. With only a handful of ‘art’ theatres this side of the bay offering a limited number of options, we hoped to create a space worthy of Hitchcock, Resnais, Bergman, Tarkovsky, Ozu, et. al., offering world-class, intelligent cinema to the citizens of Davis and the surrounding areas.

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, we screen a classic film in our backyard (or living room, depending on weather) here at the Yolo Pleasure Dome (1401 Pole Line Rd. in Davis). Coffee and tea are provided, otherwise BYOB. We’ll have a handful of other events here and there, so be sure and check our upcoming events. Donations are welcome ($2 recommended per screening) and will only be used on costs and future society events.

Comments, suggestions, recommendations, etc. e-mail to drew.m.evans [at] gmail.com

Lux, Sonus, Tempus, Cor,

The Yolo Film Society