2500 East Gibson Road , Woodland CA 95776
(The lights are always on at Yolo County Jail)
(530) 668-JAIL (5245)

Try your best not to get sent here.

So don't get detained for public drunkenness, don't get more than two noise violations on one night, don't ride abandoned bikes. Just don't fuck up because everyone wearing a badge at this place has no mercy for you and wants you to suffer. The Davis Police are more caring human beings by infinite degrees of magnitude than those at 2500 E. Gibson.

When being booked, they will ask you for your nationality and how you identify ethnically. Among the options are Hispanic and Oriental, which many feel are offensive labels. Additionally, non-whites may be asked if you know how to speak English, which is another possibly racist (though statistically justified) practice.

Alternatives to Jail

If you want to plead no contest to criminal charges, you can stay out of jail with the Yolo County Probation Work Program

Alternatives to Violence Program - Satisfies court mandated batterer's intervention program. Is run by the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Center of Yolo County

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  • What do they give you to eat if you're a vegetarian? — RishiTrivedi
    • They are required to give you nourishing food - that's it. It's not an airline. It's not a spa. You are being incarcerated. That said, there is sometimes fruit available. Not always. — jw
      • If you are vegetarian you can eat ham sandwiches because that's all they really offer. That and rotten apples. - RobRoy
    • extra rotten apples.