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The mission of the regional task force (YONET) is to significantly diminish the availability and use of illegal drugs in the city and county boundaries designated by each participating agency's involvement and apprehend the responsible offenders, thereby increasing public safety. YONET operates out of the Yolo County District Attorney's office.

While most of YONET's efforts are directed at discovering and erradicating pot farms, meth labs, and drug trafficing and sales, YONET has been known to move in fully armed to break up teenage beer parties in rural and city locations. While Davis Police tend to warn the kids and call their parents to pick them up, YONET officers arrest them.

YONET ideally consists of 2 officers from each department in Yolo County, however the UCD spot has been vacant for several years now, and most departments only have one officer, except the DA has two investigators, and two support staff.


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2006-10-24 17:11:06   YONET raided my friends appt 2 years ago with 2 plainclothed officers on a "probation search"... They don't play around at all and had their pistols out and aimed the second they identified themselves as law enforcment officers —StevenDaubert

2006-10-26 10:39:33   Yeah, once YONET has you in their sights, they absolutely come in like a SWAT team. They busted my neighbors once and I arrived home to find multiple police vehicles, men in black and all the neighbors lined up against one of the cars that was parked literally feet from their front door. It's frightening how amped up men with guns can become! —AlphaDog

2007-02-17 02:31:07   They set off a flash bang in an apartment in Da Vinci in mid 06'. It left a gnarly burn on the carpet (it was like 3 foot black patch and the site of detonation was seared thru the carpet to the floor). They broke a window to throw it in, this was before they kicked in the door and then served the warrant. —StevenDaubert

2007-02-23 09:18:10   Yet more money wasted victimizing innocent people in this stupid drug war. I'm ashamed that my tax dollars pay for this. —WilliamLewis

2007-06-20 21:08:30   are you sure thats a promotional image JW? I think that was a cop card photo... —StevenDaubert

2012-10-31 00:40:11   My experience is that in in many other place we have gone way downhill in the area of honesty..beginning at the top w/ the powers that be..bleeding down to every crack and crevice in the county..I'm not saying their are no good cops left in's just the last one i was aware of retired recently..but one thing is for sure..when it comes to YONET and their my opinion..they are the same psychopath..if anything they let the drugs be....I believe one can just buy a it's not who you know..but who you blow!! Sorry many interpersonal relationships w/ some of these folks...and my family of origin which is wrythe w/ psychopaths...they stick out like sore thumbs to me.....their likes are usually the ones we grew up w/ that got picked on...lied alot to mummy and daddy to have their way..AND IT WORKED..SO THEY KEPT RIGHT ON GOING.One thing about the little weasels though..they are so busy watching everyone else trying to figure out how to cheat or snitch..GET AHEAD ANY WAY THEY CAN..they rarely watch themselves and if you listen carefully or read thier reports..anyone ever read a police report on themselves that was 1/2 fiction..JESUS..polititians!!!#1 psychopath..HELLO!!...Hopefully the grand jury will be coming to a town like this soon..but I doubt it seriousely since if one was following THE PEPPER SPRAY INCIDENT AT UCDAVIS ONE WOULD KNOW THE STATES ATTORNEYS OFFICE WOULD NOT TOUCH IT W/ YOUR DI....DID I SAY THAT....I'M AFRAID THE PLACE IS GOING TO POT...


2013-07-07 13:47:25   Oh..and watch out for that officer Yu..he lies and cheats w/ the best of em'.Ned —nedjenkins