218 West Beamer Street Woodland 95695)
No later than 8am to no sooner than 3:30pm

There are plans to move the office location of the Yolo County Work program to 45 Matmor Street in Woodland, CA

The Yolo County Probation Work Program is quite simply what you do to stay out of jail when you have pled no contest to criminal charges. It is also your only alternative to jail if you've been sentenced to less than 90 days (the minimum for house arrest in Yolo County).

For the Adult Work Program, it costs $214 to be part of the program, in addition to hundreds of dollars of legal fees. The Adult Work Program operates 7 days per week. You must be over 18 years old to participate in the Adult program.

The Juvenile Work Program has no fee. Juveniles work both Saturday and Sunday on consecutive weekends for the duration of their sentence. Example: A sentence of 8 work days equals one month in duration. Juvenile crews are kept separate from the Adult crews.

Common things that Work Program employees do is clean the Yolo County Animal Shelter, clean up the highways, clean the Parks in Davis, Winters, Woodland and other smaller communities, sweat a lot, mow fields at the various Yolo County Housing Projects, mow and clean the exterior of Yolo County libraries, miscellaneous office work for the program, get a sore back, mumble, grumble, gripe, mow and clean up various other properties belonging to Yolo County, and then finally: count how many days are left in their probation work sentence.