The Yolo County Taxpayers Association (YCTA) was featured heavily in anti-measure H and I mailings and TV ads during the November 2006 Election. Some of their contributions to the campaign are enshrined and preserved.

They meet the Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at Norton Hall at 70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland, CA 95695.

The YCTA opposes:

  • Increased Property Disguised as Assessment District, Fees or Charges
  • City and County Budget Excesses
  • Increase Where a "NO" Vote Required Writing a Letter of Discontent
  • County Supervisors Voting Their Own Pay Raises WITHOUT voter approval
  • Inappropriate Flood Control Planning Where Water, One of Our Most Precious Natural Resources is Regarded Instead as a "Dangerous Nuisance."
  • Government acquisition of private property by eminent domain.


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