Mailing address
PMB# 194, 1296 E. Gibson Road, Woodland, California 95776
(530) 661-7038
Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc.
Yolo Grass-Fed Beef
Hank Stone. Scott & Karen Stone. Casey & Angela Stone.

Grassfed Grassfinished Beef

Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc. 100% Natural Grass Fed Angus Beef is dry aged 14 days to ensure the beef is tender and delicious! "Grass-fed beef has more beta-carotene, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids than beef produced using conventional cattle-feeding strategies ..." Health benefits of grass-fed beef - Univ California News & Information Outreach.

How to Buy Grass Fed Beef from Yolo Land & Cattle.

  1. See the Purchase our Grass-fed Beef page for prices and bulk purchase information.

  2. Lean ground beef - Special sale prices - Phone orders only:

    5 to 10 lbs - $5.75/lb

    10 lbs or more - $5.25/lb

    5 to 10 pkg beef patties - $6.75/pkg

    10 or more pkgs beef patties - $6.50/pkg

    Call us at: 530-681-1406 or 530-204-3285

Their slogan is Protecting the environment. Take care of the land and it will take care of you.

Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc. won the prestigous National Environmental Stewardship Award in 2008 for their grass-fed cattle ranching methods that protect the environment.

See the video: California Rangeland Trust Protects Local Food Supplies. Karen & Scott Stone discuss their commitment to production of healthy, nutritious beef and preservation of the land on their ranch Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

Yolo Land and Cattle grassfed beef is produced on their local ranch in Yolo County. Think Globally, Eat Locally - Farmland Information Center.

Event Venue

They provide rustic, rural venues for your events. Spaces on the ranch can be rented for weddings, receptions, meetings, banquets and parties.

Warrior Dash Obstacle Race

Yolo Land & Cattle Co. will host the Warrior Dash Obstacle Race on Oct. 26, 2013 at their ranch in western Yolo County (NorCal). Sign up to compete in the race and/or to contribute to the Keith Wilson Warrior Fund for ALS Research.


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2009-09-29 16:09:08   I had a cheeseburger from them on Wednesday a few weeks ago, and it was amazing! Simple and delicious. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-09-29 22:00:52   gonna have to try these guys then! —StevenDaubert

2009-09-30 20:21:48   Have shared a 1/4 side from Yolo Land & Cattle twice. The ground beef with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper makes the best hamburger you'll ever have. No need for fancy garnishes...if you're going to eat beef, I believe it should be in relatively small quantities and produced in the manner Yolo Land & Cattle delivers. —ScottLay

2011-09-20 12:31:54   Amazing beef! We just bought a 1/4 beef from YL&C and it has been wonderful so far. Lean meat, but super tender and flavorful. Grass-fed beef is wonderful for your health, and its even better when purchased locally, so I would highly recommend it. Plus, Karen is so easy to work with! Give it a try and you'll never go back to super market beef again. —juliebates

2011-11-26 23:13:35   Not only are they super nice people — they're patient and helpful when explaining the niceties of different cuts, cooking techniques, etc. - the beef is genuinely terrific. She picked out a 7-blade roast for me today, advised me on how to thaw and cook it for tonight, and the final product just about brought tears to my dad's eyes. The fact is that what gets passed off as beef in this country often barely qualifies as food; I'm perfectly happy to pay more and eat less when it tastes this good and is this much better for my body. Thanks for your hard, intelligent, and responsible work, YL&C! —Swilltopower