County Road 29 and Aviation Ave
Woodland, CA 95695
Winter hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-5 pm
Summer hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-6 pm
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day

Annual Membership $40 Single, $50 Family + Daily use fees. With additional fees for non-members. As of 2011, the use fees have increased by $1. Daily use fees for the rifle and pistol ranges are now $9.00 without membership, and $3.00 with membership ($3.00 day use for trap and skeet ranges for non members). The fee includes two cardboard targets. YSA also offers ear plugs (ear protection required) in the clubhouse for $0.50. Safety goggles are also available for $5.

Membership isn't required to use their ranges. They have 10 yard handgun, 25 yard handgun/rifle, 50 yard rifle, and 100 yard rifle ranges, 2 trap/skeet ranges, and a sporting clays range. A string of trap (25 clays) for non-members is $7.00. Bring your own guns, and ammo. They have voice and remote activated pull mechanisms. On the weekends (Saturday/Sunday), you can usually get one of the kids to pull trap for you (you know... sit behind you and press the button when you say "Pull!") Sporting clay shooting is only available during Spring and Summer.

You can bring your own steel targets for the rifle range, but you can only use them on the 50- and 100-yard ranges.

Practical shooting matches are held here on the second Sunday of every month by the Solano Targetmasters.

You can hear rounds being fired from this club in West Davis when there is an inversion layer (layer of hot air above the surface air).

Range Rules (copied from a flyer you can pick up from them):


Our Range Safety Rules are for your personal safety and also the safety, peace and tranquility of those living in the vicinity. Please read and heed the following safety rules: Deviation from these rules shall result in immediate removal from the facility and possible dismissal from YSA Membership. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KNOW ALL RULES & COMMANDS BEFORE SHOOTING. "Shooters" will cooperatively carry out the range firing instructions when Range Officer is not immediately present. ALL SHOOTERS MUST SIGN IN BEFORE SHOOTING:

  1. Carry firearms unloaded, actions open, fingers off the trigger, and muzzles up.


  3. A WHISTLE BLOWN means stop shooting immediately.

  4. After firing or when CLEAR YOUR FIREARMS is called, all shooters will make their guns safe by emptying the magazine of all ammunition, locking the action open, and placing the gun on the table with the muzzle pointed down range, chambers visible for inspection; then step behind the yellow line.

  5. When SAFE ON THE LINE is called, all persons wishing to go down range may do so. Those people not going down range shall remain behind the yellow line and will not handle anything on the benches.

  6. CLEAR TO FIRE shall be called before anyone steps over the yellow line, goes toward the benches and commences firing. At this time you may add or remove firearms.

  7. All firearms shall be racked when not in use with actions open. Muzzleloaders shall not be capped or primed until ready to fire.


  9. Shoot at approved targets in the frame with your position number.

  10. Shoot stations shall be left neat, cardboard will be returned to the office or target boxes.

  11. Club Officers, Range Officers and Managers shall have absolute control of the facility.

  12. Illegal firearms are NOT permitted.

  13. No person who is obviously under the influence of alcohol or other substance will be allowed to shoot. No alcoholic beverages of any kind will be allowed at anytime inside the fences fronting the ranges. IF YOU DRINK YOU DON'T SHOOT.

  14. YSA policy requires knowledge of the English language in order to read the YSA Range Safety Rules. If shooter cannot read or speak the English language the shooter must provide an interpreter.

  15. No person under 18-years of age may shoot on YSA ranges unless accompanied by and under direct supervision of an adult.

  16. No targets shall be used on the rifle and pistol ranges that are larger than YSA cardboard. Do not use more than one target per frame. Do not use more than one frame per shooter.

  17. No targets are to be nailed, stapled or otherwise permanently attached to the target frames.

  18. Spent lead shall not be removed from the backstop elements.

  19. Before using a chronograph, be sure the bullet impact will always be in the embankments.

  20. No persons shall be allowed behind the embankments or anywhere near the bullet embankment areas during firing.

  21. The ranges will be closed to all persons except contestants during YSA designated events.

  22. All pets shall be on leashes at all times.

  23. YSA will not be responsible for lost or stolen items on club property.

  24. No deviations from these rules shall be allowed without prior authorization from the YSA Board of Directors.

  25. WE RECOMMEND no eating, drinking, or smoking while shooting. PLEASE WASH hands after shooting.


Seven yards on the left, fifteen down the center, and twenty-five on the right.


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2006-01-29 20:41:01   This place rocks, glad I don't have to go all the way to Vacaville to shoot things —ApolloStumpy

2008-08-09 13:28:41   anyone know of a place to get ammo for cheap? —atwong

2008-08-09 20:06:42   Not around Davis....Wal-Mart is cheaper than Big 5 though. If you don't mind ordering online, try ammoman.com —PatrickFish

2008-08-18 00:33:55   Just went to Walmart on the 80. WOW, lots of ammo for cheap. I got an box of 100 shotgun shells for only $21. —atwong

2010-02-07 12:07:36   You can use normal shotgun ammo at the shotgun lanes where you shoot clay pigeons in the air, you need the slugs only for the normal lanes shooting at a stationary target. —UCLance

2010-06-18 11:16:57   I went there thursday 6/17 and joined for the year... took my 8 year old to shoot her new 22... she had a ball. Paul was rangemaster, and he was very nice, friendly, patient with my daughter. it was great. my daughter wants to go back every week. this place is definitely not "corporate" but it is a great place and a super resource for the community. —Carsonsig

2010-08-17 12:53:03   Quit telling people about this place.....shhhhhhhhhh —DavidAlvarez

2010-11-08 17:28:50   I just purchased a Rossi 12 gauge single action shotgun seeing how Ive never bought a shotgun before I was wondering if I was limited to only shooting trap and skeet or could I break it in with some target shooting if I used some rifle slugs. —AlexBianco

2010-11-10 14:42:56   @AlexBianco - When shooting a shotgun on the pistol and rifle ranges, only slugs are allowed. You can use shotshells on the trap and skeet ranges. —ZDavid

2010-11-30 21:20:27   Range helper on skeet wasn't friendly. You can only use target loads for skeet, one shell loaded at a time. This was not posted anywhere, you are somehow expected to know this. I prefer Center of Mass for pistol shooting. And http://www.natchezss.com/ has great prices, too bad we in California won't be able to order ammo over internet as of February 2011 as a result of AB 962 and the requirement that you must submit a thumbprint for handgun ammo purchases. See http://www.ab962.org for more info. —AdamGetchell

2011-08-12 13:26:02   So I wanted to try this place out, but I am a bit confused. Do I need to have a gun and ammo to shoot here, or do they have guns I can rent and ammo I can buy?? I dont have a gun, but enjoy going to shooting ranges with my brothers and I thought it would be nice to spend an afternoon here. —AdreanaRubio

2013-09-02 12:40:32   YSA is a shooting range only. They do not rent guns, although they used sell shotgun shells in the past. I do some of my training courses there. I like to teach my classes early on weekends to avoid the crowd. —waltlucas