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* Video of a Whiten roving machine in action at the Yolo Wool Mill * In-depth article about Yolo Wool Mill in Sheep Magazine.

Yolo Wool Mill is the last remaining wool processing facility in the region. They concentrate on small to medium scale specialty production. Services provided include washing, carding, and spinning. They also sell wool (in sliver or batting form), yarn, and finished objects such as hats and scarves. Fibers available include sheep, llama, and alpaca.

From the About page on their website:

The Yolo Wool Mill processes scoured wool into finished products, including sliver, batting, roving, and various yarns. The YWM specializes in processing customers' wool to their order.

We use equipment purchased from eastern woolen mills and have the capabilities for both worsted and woolen carding and spinning.

We can card your wool into sliver (a 1-2 inch thick strand of wool for handspinning), or batting (a sheet of wool in varying thicknesses to order, used for comforters, quilts, felt making, or stuffing). Additionally, combed roving and pencil roving are available processes for those wishing a smoother, more worsted-style preparation. We also specialize in French-combed top for a true worsted spinning preparation.

We can spin your wool into single and two ply yarns in a large range of sizes.

Finished products made from wool and other fibers produced by our own sheep and those of local wool growers are also available. These products may be ordered with our convenient order form, by phone, or regular mail. Payments accepted by check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal.

About the Wool Scouring Co-op

The Wool Scouring Co-op is an outgrowth of the New Franklin Society of Yolo County and follows society's interest in energy conservation through the development of a small-scale scouring machine. The Co-op provides growers with a needed resource to process wool on an individual basis. Membership in the Co-op is $25.00 per year. We use a gentle, non-ionic detergent for washing which easily washes out of the wool. The wool is air dried and either shipped to the customer or further processed at the Yolo Wool Mill.


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