Yoo-hoo is a chocolatey drink that is beloved by many. It's a nice alternative to chocolate milk, although it is not dairy free.

Places in Davis to get Yoo-hoo.

- Chevron on Anderson - Nugget Market in the cold drink section next to specialty soda - 7-11 carries it

It's a common misconception that Yoo-hoo is some kind of chemical concoction, but it dates back to the 1920s and the key ingredient is actually a really old and classic one: whey. As in "curds and whey", the stuff Miss Muffet was eating when sitting on her tuffet in the nursery rhyme. It's also got real cocoa. So it is basically the stuff left over from the first step of making cheese, sweetened (like most drinks it switched to high-fructose corn syrup sometime in the last century), and chocolate flavored. Since whey is more stable than milk, it can sit on a shelf rather than having to be refrigerated. Note: even though this drink isn't a chemical enigma, it's pretty unhealthy; each serving contains more sugar than the recommended daily maximum.