Young Hall viewed from A Street in 2005.

Young Hall houses the Psychology and Anthropology departments. 198 Young is the lecture hall.

Young Hall courtyard, a place of tranquility between the north and south wings of the building. (2/22/05)

Herbet A. Young, namesake of Young Hall and dean of the College of Letters & Sciences from 1951-1955, 1956-1962, and 1963-1964.

A stairwell in the northern (psychology) wing is wrapped in trippiness. What came first, the sign or the mural?


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2011-01-30 11:44:25   Has anyone else heard of Young Hall being haunted? Once in the early morning I was waiting for a T.A. to come to her office in the basement, and I bent down to pick up something I dropped. I noticed that someone was standing directly behind me, and, thinking that it was my T.A., I immediately straightened-up and turned around—no one was there. —ArianeMetz

2011-02-13 23:06:58   It is so haunted, thanks for bringing something fun to the wiki ! —tneeley

2022-09-30 10:29:42   Did this hall have any other names in the past? —LinaPlanuty