Young Hall viewed from A Street in 2005.

Young Hall houses the Psychology and Anthropology departments. 198 Young is the lecture hall. The building is east of the MU and south of the Death Star

Young Hall is divided into northern and southern wings. The northern wing is inhabited by psychologists and the southern wing is mixed. The psychologists have staked out the first floor of the south wing and the anthropologists have been squished into the second and third floor. The dark, foreboding basement is occupied by grad students. Some think that trolls live in the basement, but it's not true—even trolls are afraid of the basement in Young Hall.

The psych department conducts research through a program called Experimetrix. These experiments are in the north wing. Often times, the experimentees can't find their rooms and get lost on the 2nd floor of the south wing. When this happens, the behavioral ecologists get out their stop watches and test theorems from foraging theory. Invariably, we take pity on them and point them to the north wing.

There are also some people locked up in rooms in the corridor connecting the north and south wings. However, nobody knows who they are or what they do. They are rarely seen and never complain when the lights go out. Sometimes we leave snacks outside their doors to tempt them out. It doesn't work. But the snacks are always gone in the morning...

In between the north and south wings is the courtyard. Here people often practice different artforms like juggling or martial arts or fencing; pretty fun to watch.

The basement of the north wing was used in the early stages of The Manhattan Project to figure out ways to process Uranium before the project moved to Oak Ridge, TN. The Basement still has slightly higher than normal radiation readings, but not enough to do any harm. Young Hall was originally called the Chemistry Building, and was constructed in 1941.

Leaving Young by the southwest doors, you might run into Stargazer.

Young Hall courtyard, a place of tranquility between the north and south wings of the building. (2/22/05)

Herbet A. Young, namesake of Young Hall and dean of the College of Letters & Sciences from 1951-1955, 1956-1962, and 1963-1964.

A stairwell in the northern (psychology) wing is wrapped in trippiness. What came first, the sign or the mural?


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2011-01-30 11:44:25   Has anyone else heard of Young Hall being haunted? Once in the early morning I was waiting for a T.A. to come to her office in the basement, and I bent down to pick up something I dropped. I noticed that someone was standing directly behind me, and, thinking that it was my T.A., I immediately straightened-up and turned around—no one was there. —ArianeMetz

2011-02-13 23:06:58   It is so haunted, thanks for bringing something fun to the wiki ! —tneeley