I saw my name as an entry on the "wanted wiki" pages so I figured I'd go ahead and create the page and expound on myself.

I was a cartoonist at the California Aggie for 2 years from 1990 to 1992, publishing 3 strips per week called Spearmints. The strip was my awkward attempt at satire and mockery of college life specific to the UC Davis environment. I poked fun of bike cops, ducks, frats, sororities, dating, and the like. At the end of my run, I made a compilation of my strips and sold 2 print runs of 250 copies each.

I served as founding editor in chief of Asia Pacific for one issue before graduating in 1992. I went on to study law but became a digital artist in the videogame industry in 1996, then worked in motion picture and television digital special effects from 2000 to 2003 winning a gold Clio award in the process for the "Blockbuster Video" rabbit and guinea pig spots. I went on to feature animation in Southern California where I currently live.