Amtrak/Cantrill Drive/5th Street/Target/ 2nd St Crossing Stores
Areas Served
DowntownEast Davis
Unitrans Memorial Union Bus Terminal
Phonetic Code

CHANGES AS OF JUNE 1, 2015: (weekend changes in effect Saturday, August 8, other changes go into effect starting Fall Quarter 2015)

Extend the Z-line to Target vial 5th-Alhambra-2nd-Pena.  The longer route will require more time and could be provided by reducing the frequency of service to Greystone, Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, Amtrak, and downtown.  An extended Z line t would add service further east, providing weekday service closer to Target and the other stores at 2nd Street Crossing.  Like the current Z-line this route would only run on weekdays designated on the calendar as “regular service” (UCD classes in session).  If a new West Village line to the MU is provided, this bus would run hourly.  As an alternative, this new Z -line could continue to run twice an hour, but only if the new West Village – MU line were not implemented.

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The Z Bus Line is a Unitrans route servicing Downtown/Amtrak, Cantrill Drive, 5th Street. It provides service twice an hour during the day from the Unitrans Memorial Union Bus Terminal. The Z line does not run during Finals Service, Weekend Serice, or Break and Summer Service.

Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

Destinations on the Z Line

Apartment Complexes Served


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