Zane Starkewolf is a candidate for Congress in the November 2008 Election. He graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Physics and bills himself as a "Green Republican." He resides in Davis, and is a biotech entrepreneur.

One of his fund raising events was the Zane Starkewolf's Vino Train. He also had somewhat racy campaign ad: Robocall.wav


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2008-10-26 22:52:08   Zane also claimed responsibility for a very interesting recorded political phone message I received tonight. Either that or he's the target of a bad joke in his name. Anyone else get a vaguely pornographic phone call about Mike Thompson being a "very bad boy"? Entertaining I guess, but in pretty poor taste for a political message. Of course, now I know his name, so I guess it was effective too. —EdHenn

2008-10-27 12:10:04   Most awesome political robocall ever. The one I got from the Green Party candidate wasn't nearly as Fun and Exciting. —JoseBleckman