Alleys in Davis are...
narrow back streets in Old North & Central Davis
or pedestrian byways between businesses
Known alleys
Central Davis: University Ave, A Street through B Street, 1st to 5th
By Rowe Place, 3rd to 5th, between railroad tracks and I Street
Old North Davis: 6th Street and 7th street, B through G Street
Co-op Duplex Alley, between F & G, and 5th and 6th
Downtown pedestrian alley behind Mustard Seed
Tim Spencer Alley, the downtown delivery alley
Iversen Alley, the driveway into the post office on Pole Line & 5th.
E Street Alley, behind Chipotle

Interesting things to see & do in Davis alleys

Check out some Urban Art or graffiti
See some Exploding Things
Get free air for your bike
Stumble into some Davis history
Get a massage
Walk through the Tim Spencer Alley and buy fair-trade gifts
Get in trouble for using a loudspeaker in an alley without a registration
Be on a surveillance camera behind Bistro 33
See an outdoor movie

Granny Flats

Davis alleys are the perfect environment for granny flats. Stand-alone buildings originally intended for your elderly parent or in-law, granny flats are mini-houses designed to give the resident privacy & independence, while still being close to the main house. They usually have their own kitchen (though minimal), living area, & bedroom, although often all in the same room. Granny flats often open onto alleys for maximum privacy and minimal disturbance from the street.

Once upon a time, renting a granny flat was Davis' answer to cheap housing. But now that granny flats are popping up all over the place, they are often more expensive than an apartment.

Granny Flat in Alley between 6th & 7th, B &C Granny Flat under construction Granny Flat - fancy version Is it a flat, or a fort?

Alley Art

More alley images.

What do you like about alleys?

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