Taken 2007-4-11 University Mall Location

Davis Campus Location
Davis Mace Location, closed as of June 2013
757 Russell Blvd. #7571(Russell Blvd. and Anderson Rd., in the University Mall)
2939 Spafford Street , Suite 115(5th St. and Spafford St. in Fifth Street Plaza)
(530) 753-7000
(530) 753-6900
M-F 9:30am - 8:30pmSat 10am - 6pmSun 10am - 5pm
M-F Noon - 7pmSat 10am - 5pmSun Closed
Amazing Tans (includes map)
Amazing Tans (includes map)

Amazing Tans is a chain retailer that provides tanning services. They have a variety of tanning booth styles including facial tanning beds and stand up options. Amazing Tans caters to any skin type and provides sunless tanning as well as UV. An array of tanning lotions are available for purchase. Services can be purchased as part of package deals, or on a membership basis.

How was your experience at Amazing Tans?

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2006-03-10 18:29:34   a little on the pricy side, but its definitely worth it. i have been tanning for years in my home town and usually start out at 10 minutes my first time (i'm really fair skinned). well, today i went for the first time to amazing tans and they suggested i start out at 6 minutes. at first i was a little skeptical since i have always started at 10 and never really saw any difference. wow was i wrong! their beds are amazing. i have never gotten so much color in a first session. the girl at the front counter was also really friendly and helpful. i would recommend them! —CorinneEpley

2006-04-09 17:16:16   This place is really nice. They have monthly plans and tan packages. In the summer, they sometimes have a deal where you just pay a flat amount and can tan (at level 1) unlimitedly until the end of they year. The people working there are usually very friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend this place. —CatLa

2007-03-16 13:47:57   Amazing tans now has a sign in the window asking patrons to notify the manager if the store is closed during posted business hours. Anyone know if this is in response to recent problems or complaints? —DavidGrundler

  • Not in response to anything in particular. Just a standard business sign.

2007-04-05 13:22:01   WOW!!! The girls there know their stuff. I never knew there was so much to learn about tanning beds, lotions etc. Great customer service! A bit pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for! —Jessica

2008-03-08 09:55:06   Great customer service. On the days I just wanted to get in the tanning beds they did just that. On the days I had questions, they answered them better than I expected. They were very helpful, but it was the most I ever paid to tanning. If you are pale, it sucks because its cheaper if you pay for a certain amount of tans. So someone who tans for 15 minutes pays the same price as someone tanning for 5. I got my base before, so it wasn't too bad —lv

2008-04-28 10:26:29   The place is pretty cool, and they treat dudes fine (I am not the only one I see there). You have to really work their deals though, they are extremly tricky and will NOT give you any kind of price list (cell phone camera anyone? It's the only way. I've talked to their corporate office and it's the same runaround). As with all tanning salons, it's really only worth it to go with the most expensive beds, otherwise you will just get burned. Also, DON'T get pressured into buying their lotions! What costs 100 bucks there is less than 40 on amazon, 25 on eBay, and so on. All in all though I can't complain, it is very convenient and my GF is not complaining either. —YesItsMe

  • 2009-07-21 18:35:10   I just went in to start tanning. The girl showed me all the beds and how long it would take to get a base tan, etc. They had a price list on the counter. I didn't get "tricked" into anything. She was very straightforward and VERY nice. No sales pressure at all. Glad I chose to go here. — EricaMacGregor

2008-05-16 13:57:18   Girls here are far nicer than at the other tanning place in Davis and more helpful. Wait is never too long for a bed. Yes, it is expensive, but worth it. —tgdavis

2008-09-28 13:10:42   not really sure why people saw this place is expensive!! it is far more reasonable than any other place in town! 5 bucks for 1 tan!!!! cant get better then that and memberships at 20$ a month unlimited...what is expensive?!?! love the employees, love the services! —sara87

2008-10-31 14:50:11   I love the girls at amazing tans... great service, great beds, they aren't too pushy, and overall a great tanning salon... —meaghan

2009-03-09 00:02:09   Love this place! In response to the note on lotions, take a look at the ingredients on the back, you get what you pay for! When you're drying out your skin and aging yourself in the tanning process, don't skimp out on lotion. It will help save your tan and keep your skin soft in the process! Many of the lotions also have a ton of bronzers (DHA)! Save your skin people! Get a great lotion! I'm loving mine!:) —allsmiles

2009-10-11 10:54:23   Amazing Tans is great! I love this place. I believe they have the best prices in town, and it may be one of their guarantees to beat any other tanning salon prices (don't quote me on that). The girls that work there are all super knowledgeable, friendly and nice (with the exception with one girl I had to deal with.) If you plan on tanning at least once a week, I recommend getting a "VIP membership." I pay $24.88 a month for unlimited tans in a level 1 bed and upgrades to higher level beds are cheap! The lotions are super expensive but they do have sales on them occasionally and the bottles are huge and will last for months. Friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, best place to tan! —MillaMi

2009-10-28 15:12:57   Was about to go to prom last year...went here to get a spray on tan. Have had great first time experiences at other places, so I wasn't worried. The tan turned out awful, terribly streaky, and there were drips down my legs. Same experience for my two friends. We went back to try and get our money back, they wouldn't return it and told us that it happens every first time, and we had to come back multiple times to have it look good. Thanks for telling us! Wouldn't recommend the spray tans here. —KB@CSUMB

2011-01-29 12:35:10   AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Everything is nice at first, besides being wayyy overpriced, but attempting to end a membership is IMPOSSIBLE. First, there is a rule that you have to come in and quit in writing by signing a form. Then the "policy" is to charge you for a full month after you originally want to quit. However, I was suckered into the "Stay and Save Plan", the manager told me if I signed a paper and paid $5 a month, then if I ever wanted to come back I wouldn't have to pay a new sign up fee (another one of their millions of fees). She told me there was no downside and I could end the Stay and Save program at any time. So I signed it, paid my last month fee (a month more than I wanted to stay, because of the policy') and paid the $5 a month for about 5 months. After this time, money was tight and I wanted out all together. To my despair, I found out that in the fine print it says that to get off the Stay and Save Plan, you have to pay another full price month (about $70). If I knew that I would not have consented to the Stay and Save plan. There was a change in management and the new manager said that even though the old manager had LIED to me and said that there would be no additional fees and that my last month was paid for back when I first signed the Stay and Save plan, she told me "there is nothing she can do". I swallowed the bullet resigned to pay. (and I promised myself I would never sign anything again without reading every word and never trust anyone who gives me their word on what it says) So I went in to try to pay and quit but the employee there told me the manager was not in and that she had taken my forms home with her. Long story short, I am going in today for the 3rd time to try to pay and quit, praying I will be successful. By the way the manager left me a voicemail that I have to make it in by 3 pm today because that is what time she leaves. So I have to adjust my schedule and make it in or I will be locked into paying Amazing Tans huge amounts of money forever. (So considerate, accommodating, and great customer service policy) DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU LIKE TO BE LIED TO AND SCAMMED. —EllieR

2011-04-01 13:44:07   I LOVE Amazing Tan's Fluffy Donuts!!

Definitely the best donuts I've ever had! —OrofinJackson

2013-10-09 18:51:44   The location on 5th Street is closed as of 9/27/13. —CalamityJanie

2016-06-28 18:01:25   Beware!!! They offer a monthly membership for a reasonable fee BUT the problem is that when you show up to use the membership, the location is often inexplicably closed (despite the fact that their posted hours claim that they should be open) OR the hours of operation have been changed, then changed again a month later, then changed again a few weeks later, etc... The most annoying part was that I paid for the membership with the plan to tan on the weekends...but weekends are the main time period their hours are either reduced, rescheduled, or simply have no employee present to open the store at all. The latter problem (of not having staff to open the store during business hours) is reflected by the fact that there is a phone number posted in the store window that customers can call if no one is present at the store during business hours...but that is awkward and time consuming. SO... I cancel the membership (or so i thought) only to start recieving debt collection phone calls from (not so) Amazing Tans. Aparrently my phone call cancelation didn't meet the terms of the contract i find out today...but to that I responded, the terms of this contract are no longer applicable because you failed to provide the service claimed (a tanning salon with normal hours of operation that don't keep changing, being reduced, or even worse not adhered to when the posted store sign says that you should be OPEN). Needless to say I am perturbed that this slacker business screwed me and other customers and yet has the audacity to try to enforce a contract that they failed to honor in the first place!!!! If this business is so desperate for money, why don't they increase their hours of operation AND THEN STICK TO A RELIABLE SCHEDULE!!!!! —parpar