Park Location
2000 Shasta Drive
15 Acres
Arroyo Pool and Bathrooms
• Rock Climbing Wall
• Play Structures
Flying Saucer
Cricket Oval and grass area 
Area may be subject to advanced registration
call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information

One of many Parks in Davis. This park has a UFO sculpture, too. Its length and bike path connection to Sycamore Park mean that it is very useful for travelling from West Davis to Central Davis on bike or on foot. The arroyo goes from the north side near Olympic Drive on Shasta Drive south and under a bridge where it turns east and goes parallel to the bike path. The arroyo is used when the city needs to drain the swimming pool. A Cricket Practice(broken link) area is at the western field (between the pool and elementary school) and the Davis Cricket Club plays cricket here.

On April 30, 2011, Arroyo Park received a little landscaping TLC from volunteers with Mormon Helping Hands.

Also consult the comprehensive info for Davis parks, Maps




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2008-11-24 20:08:58   We found a black widow living in one of the child-level nooks of the climbing wall. Normally we appreciate our arachnid friends for their beauty and for their natural pest-removal skills, but as this one was in a child-friendly area, not to mention in a nook where fingers are meant to be poked, we disposed of it. Ominously, there was also a small dead bird under the widow's web. There seem to be a lot of black widow-friendly nooks in this park (small areas which are dark for most of the day), as a matter of fact, so you should probably keep a close eye on your kids when they play there. And when it comes to the climbing wall, look before you stick your fingers in. :) —gurglemeow

2010-02-25 21:18:08   Jesus CHRIST that is fucking scary! —nickmeddin

2010-02-25 21:23:11   how did you survive —nateadams

2011-06-05 13:15:57   does anyone know what that rock sculpter it has pvs pipe sticking out of it like it was a fountian between arroyo and patwin it looks lik —rileydescheemaeker

2011-07-08 01:37:00   I remember back in the summer of 2000 when Arroyo Park was not yet built. It was a barren expanse of wilderness and golden grasslands. The future park site was surrounded by dozens of homes that were currently under construction. Back at that time the area was so peaceful and empty. I would go for walks around sunset and tour the partially constructed homes. Times have changed. —MaxLucas

2011-12-21 23:43:27   Arroyo Park sometimes reminds me of Fallout 2. —NickSchmalenberger