Basketball in Davis. Looking for a place to shoot some hoops?

Courts & information

Regular pickup games:

Public basketball courts:

  • Map of parks in Davis 

Hoop in Central Park with the words "court closed at 9 p.m." on it

Lighted outdoor courts:

Indoor courts:

  • The ARC
    • There are pick-up games in the mornings, evenings, and on weekends. Many good players, and not just undergrads--guys in their 40s and 50s as well. Fun to watch.
  • Hickey Gym
    • Not open to the general public

Apartments with courts

Schools with outdoor courts

  • Any Davis elementary school
    • Their hoops are usually misaligned but are really forgiving.
  • Any Davis junior high
    • Emerson's hoops are all 4-6" too low. They resurfaced their courts a few years back and never raised the hoops to match.
    • The new junior high has nets! Haven't measured the hoop height yet.


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2008-07-13 13:12:26   are there any leagues or clubs? —atwong