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Davis, California – the American city which fell in love with the bicycle

Very detailed article about Davis as cycling city and promising pedaling sounds for the future

Publishing Date: August 3, 2015

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"Davis didn’t measure bicycle use in the 1960s or 1970s, but, with a share of 30% in 1980, it would be safe to assume the modal share was far higher in the preceding two decades. Legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams catalogued in a 1966 photo series how the Davis campus once hummed with cyclists. One of his black-and-white photographs shows a parking stand with hundreds of bicycles, students riding to and fro on either side. It’s one of the most unAmerican photographs imaginable."


Davis is Bike City, USA; the city has been widely considered the "Bicycle Capital of America" since as far back as 1964. In 2006, Davis was the first city to earn the Platinum Bicycle-Friendly Community (BFC) Award from the League of American Bicyclists, and as of September 2011, Davis is one of three cities in the U.S. to have that distinction. Davis is also the home of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Davis was the first city in the nation to experiment with and implement the now-ubiquitous bike lane.  In 2015, it was the first to introduce the Protected Intersection to the United States.  There are now more than 100 miles of bike paths, lanes, and trails inundating the city. Bicycles even outnumber the bipeds in the People's Republic of Davis (take part in the Bicycle Census). This page attempts to be the starting point for all of your bike-related inquiries.

Bicycles have been the normal mode of transportation for UCD students for many years, as seen by this 1966 Ansel Adams photo

Bicycling Tips

Do you know how to navigate a bike circle? Visit the Bicycling Tips page ...

  • if you're a freshman.
  • if you were several feet shorter when you last rode a bicycle.
  • if you've difficulty negotiating cars/trees/etc.
  • if you don't want your bicycle's owner to be someone else.
  • if you want to give up your car and become car-free
  • if you are new to Davis and don't know the difference between a Bike Path and a Bike Lane

Bicycle Shops

B&L Bike Shop Visit the Bicycle Shops page ...

  • if you want to make the bike thieves drool by buying a shiny new bicycle.
  • if you want to find a used bicycle (without resorting to theft).
  • if you need a wrench-wielding bike mechanic to convince your temperamental bicycle that, yes, it really does want to be a bicycle.
  • for budget alternatives to the expensive bike shops.

Bicycle Rides

View from the top of Cantelow Visit the Bicycle Rides page ...

Bicycling Activities and Clubs

Davis was home to Californiaman Triathlon. Visit the Bicycling Activities and Clubs page ...

  • for local cycling teams and groups.
  • for organized events (such as centuries, double centuries, criteriums, triathlons)
  • for other bike-related resources.

Bicycle Repair Stations

Bike tools on repair stand Visit the Bicycle Repair Stations page ...

  • to locate the nearest self-service bike repair station with tools and tire pumps for repairing and maintaining your bike.

Bicycle Tire Pumps

On the wall near Davis Creamery in the Oakshade Town Center Visit the Bicycle Tire Pumps page ...

  • to locate the nearest pump (compressor) for your bicycle's squishy tires.

Bicycle Advocacy

Visit the Bicycling Advocacy page ...

  • to find organizations geared toward keeping Davis the bicycle capital of the world.

Bicycle Applications

Visit the Davis Routes page...

  • if you want to view popular bike routes around davis.
  • if you want to monitor and save your bike rides for future reference.
  • if you want to know where the nearest bike shops, bicycle pumps, and sites around davis.

Bicycle Safety Video

Very cool and instructive video about how to safely bike at UC Davis: UC Davis TAPS BEEP Video