Big Red

If you see some goateed madman riding through town on this, screaming at cars while blaring KDVS, that's probably MattJurach.

Features of the Big Red Radiocycle:

  • Six gear speeds for those Davis hills
  • AM/FM radio
  • Three baskets for a five-grocery-bag carrying capacity
  • Drink holder
  • Fenders for avoiding the Freshman Stripe
  • Three bike light attachments for night visibility goodness
  • Authentic bike bell good for surprising unaware pedestrians

The Big Red Radiocycle was purchased after I experienced my third bike theft from campus, and I wanted a bike so heavy that no one would be able to make off with it. Many herniated would-be thieves later, Big Red is still here- cranking out the tunes and the dings!

03-23-2014 Matt sold the bike. It is still heavy and ready for action, but no radio. Big Red helped it's new owner Jed compete in a Bike Challenge. Jed came in 3rd place!