BOLD was a campus organization founded in 2010 in order to improve the representation of the general student body in ASUCD. It was created by ASUCD Senators Adam Thongsavat, Bree Rombi, and Darwin Moosavi as well as a coalition of student leaders and activists, many of whom were former L.E.A.D. supporters. BOLD's signature purpose was to help represent all communities and all students, present and future, and to make visible and lasting progress in student life. BOLD prided itself in not being afraid to take risks, and working together to help each other accomplish tasks and govern effectively.

During its short tenure in ASUCD politics, BOLD was extremely successful, controlling at one point 9 of 12 ASUCD Senate Seats along with the Executive Office.

BOLD ceased to participate in ASUCD elections as of Winter 2012 - leaders say that BOLD felt it had accomplished many of its goals on campus and was beginning to lack a defining, unifying purpose. The slate began to splinter along ideological lines, and rather than become a political machine, its members decided to disband the slate.

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BOLD Caucus




1) Create a Sustainable Campus.

As the state of California and the UC Davis campus moves into the future of sustainability and green energy, ASUCD needs to do its part. BOLD pledges to work toward making ASUCD zero-waste- expanding recycling and composting on campus, and working to eliminate harmful materials like plastic bags and Styrofoam.

2) Investing ASUCD’s money back into the students.

ASUCD currently sits a top a bank account of millions of dollars in capital reserves. BOLD pledges to invest that money into new capital investments and business units, to bring services to the students and even more money into ASUCD. BOLD pledges to keep the ASUCD budget balanced and expand services to the students by making current business units more efficient, and expanding income sources to reduce or eliminate subsidies these units.

3) Create JOBS!

In midst of rising fees and economic uncertainty, BOLD pledges to do its part. ASUCD is currently is biggest student employer on campus and yet still has plenty of room for improvement. BOLD pledges to bring NEW jobs to campus by creating new business units and expanding upon current units.

4) Restore Aggie Pride.

In light of sports teams cuts and increased tension between the University and the students, school spirit has been dampened. BOLD feels that Aggie Pride is something that was great in the past and can be brought back. BOLD believes in revitalizing campus spirit and restoring pride in the campus, the city, and the student body. BOLD believes that the University and City of Davis are unique and wonderful institutions and that every student of the University and every resident of Davis should be PROUD to be an Aggie.

5) Revolutionize Campus Entertainment.

BOLD pledges to work with Entertainment Council, KDVS, and AGTV to bring quality entertainment and media to the university. BOLD will work to utilize venues such as the newly renovated CoHo, Freeborn Hall, The ARC Pavilion, and Aggie Stadium to bring top-name artists to the University. BOLD pledges to expand campus cinema and transform AGTV into a premier college broadcasting station, giving students higher quality entertainment options on campus.

6) Lobby the University, City, County, and State government for student reform.

BOLD pledges to use ASUCD resources to get the student voice heard at the Regents, City Council, and the Capitol. BOLD pledges to work towards bettering Student-Police relations, fighting for renter’s rights, and bringing the fight over student fees to the Chancellor, the Regents, and the State Government.

7) Create a safe campus environment.

In light of a recent outbreak in hate crimes, BOLD pledges to work to create a campus environment that is friendly to all students from every community. Above all, BOLD believes in working to foster a camaraderie of ONE CAMPUS and having ASUCD represent all students.

8) Be YOUR voice in Student Government.

BOLD pledges to make Student Government more accessible to students than ever before. BOLD pledges to represent the interests of the campus as a whole, not be beholden to interest groups, and keep in contact with the student body after election. BOLD will work to increase outreach to student government and keep its finger on the pulse of the campus at large.

Fall 2011 Candidates


In a 7-Canidate Election, BOLD won 81% of the 1st place votes, and 5 of the 6 senate seats.

Winter 2011 Candidates

Executive Ticket:

(Ran unopposed)


BOLD once again snagged the top four seats:

Fall 2010 Candidates


In their first election, BOLD won the first four seats (out of 6), the first time a slate had ever won the first four since choice voting was implemented.

BOLD Accomplishments

  • Created new Unit to provide food and other necessities to students in need, The Pantry
  • Added Outlets to the Reading Room in Shields Library
  • Created a new student menu at Gunrock Pub to increase student accessibility
  • Implemented the new "Bring Your Own Bag" program at the UC Davis Bookstore to help eliminate plastic bags
  • Acquired compost bins for the ASUCD Senate office and the California Aggie office
  • Created ASUCD Renter's Rights Special Committee
  • Created the Special Committee on Student Health and Wellness
  • Acquired recycling bins for ASUCD Units without them
  • Created a Special Committee on middle school, high school, and transfer outreach, the Aggie Bound Outreach Committee
  • Re-established ASUCD Scholarship
  • Helped bring back Tipsy Taxi Thursdays
  • Created new Unit for the resale of student goods and supplies, Aggie ReStore
  • Created ASUCD Entertainment Council Large Show Reserve Fund to create a sustainable funding source for large shows put on by EC
  • and much more!


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2010-10-24 22:50:41   Well, as far as I can remember— and I'll admit, it's been a few months since I was in school— all members of the ASUCD Senate and Executive branch are registered undergraduate students. So, and I'll just go out and say it, but ASUCD currently is represented by 100% students. Not 50% students, or 90% students (see Chad Roberts), but 100% students. Now, reasonable people can disagree as to whether the representation of student interests within ASUCD is balanced and/or reflective of the entire student body as a whole, but that's what elections are for. And, I presume, that is what BOLD is for— you feel that your interests and ideas are not currently represented (well enough) within the student government, and so you hope to win office in order to implement your platform.

Also, final note, before you call yourself a campus organization, it might be nice to register with the Center for Student Involvement. —MaxMikalonis

2010-10-24 23:03:02   Max- either we already are or we will very soon be registered with CSI. —DylanSchaefer

2010-10-25 01:53:52   Thank you for the clarification. It's nice to see a secondary slate utilizing the wiki, and so far more effectively than the "primary". I am amused by the choice of Yellow— brings me back to Student Focus, but I do hope your ideas and campaign efforts lead to quite the fight. —MaxMikalonis