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The UC Davis Campus Judicial Board (CJB) is a University body which has two primary responsibilities: 1) Educational outreach to faculty and students, 2) Hearing and deciding cases of contested student misconduct. The CJB consists of 12 student members and 8 faculty members. The student members are appointed under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, but are selected through an interview and recruitment process conducted by the current/outgoing student members and the CJB Staff Advisor (who is also a SJA officer). The faculty members of the Board are appointed by the Academic Senate and serve on the Board for 2 year periods (IIRC). Because their mission and purpose is closely related to the duties of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, the two groups often work side-by-side. The students of the CJB work out of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs in Dutton Hall


CJB can also refer only to the student members, as they will meet and work together to conduct campus outreach programs in order to promote academic and social integrity amongst students. Other responsibilities of CJB students include serving as advisors or advocates for students or faculty who are going into formal hearings (for contested misconduct). CJB students also conduct follow-up meetings with students who have been through the informal disciplinary process to obtain valuable assessment information, as well as help facilitate a more comprehensive learning experience for students who have been referred for misconduct. Responsibilities and duties of CJB students have been known to vary, as well.

Typically, Campus Judicial Board hearings will be heard by a panel consisting of 2 student members and 1 faculty member. One of the student members chairs the formal hearing. Previously, more serious cases under SJA jurisdiction would go to the Student Conduct Committee, however, that set-up has recently been eliminated. All cases that warrant a formal hearing now go to the Campus Judicial Board. Incidents that can result in a referral to SJA can occur on-campus and off-campus and can range from Academic Dishonesty to assault.

Titles Held By Members of the CJB

  • ALL Members are Campus Judicial Board Appointees.
  • ALL Members are Vested Judicial Authorities of ASUCD, in accordance with the ASUCD Constitution.
  • ALL Members are UC Davis Campus Officials as defined by the Administration of Student Discipline.
  • TWO Members are appointed as Co-chairs of the Board each academic school year.

Relation to ASUCD

As of a few years ago, ASUCD amended its Government Codes to include the Campus Judicial Board in its procedures. Complaints against the Elections Committee, for example, are to be brought before the Campus Judicial Board. In recent years, this has happened on a few occasions: the so-called Election Statement Controversy, as well as an issue regarding the Move to Division I in Winter 2002. Under this authority, CJB heard and decided the Election Statement Controversy of Fall 2004. CJB eventually ruled against the Elections Committee, but declined to recommend disciplinary action (instead leaving this to the discretion of the Senate). Shortly afterwards, ASUCD removed CJB from its role in procedural review, returning such powers to the ASUCD Court. Although the CJB appears powerless now within ASUCD functions, it is still mentioned in the ASUCD Constitution as having the ASUCD's judicial power vested within it. Hence, purely in name, the CJB remains a figurehead of ASUCD judicial authority, alongside the power-enabled ASUCD Court. Since this relation still exists, campaigns within student government are prohibited from utilizing endorsements from CJB members, as a way of promoting the impartial image of the CJB.

It should be noted that if ASUCD cases are referred to Student Judicial Affairs, and those cases are contested by all parties involved, the matter will go to a formal hearing. Most likely, the Campus Judicial Board would preside over that hearing as opposed to a single Hearing Officer which sometimes might be done.


The Campus Judicial Board was created in 1976 under a "modified" honor code which UC Davis still upholds today. It was created in conjunction with the Academic Code of Conduct along with Student Judicial Affairs. Although the board itself is a fairly recent creation, the involvement of students in the disciplinary process at UC Davis can be traced to the beginning of the 20th century when the first student government was formed.

More information can be found on the CJB website listed above.

Current Campus Judicial Board Appointees

All CJB members hold office hours in SJA at varying times.

Shelby Eichman
Jeff Ware
Shilpa Amalkanti
Aashish Bhandari
Connie Choi
Megan Kennedy
Linh Nguyen
Maricela Olmos
Sarah Park
Julia Reifkind
Miguel Velasco

Joining the Board

Student Judicial Affairs recruits students for open positions on the following year's board during Winter Quarter. Generally, applications are available in January and are due in February. Interested students should contact sja@ucdavis.edu to be entered in the SJA list-serve for prospective applicants. Everyone from undergraduate students to UCD professional school students are encouraged to apply.


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