ChoadBot was the penultimate electro-trash band. ChoadBot was based in Davis and played venues such as The Pirate Ship, photos of which can be found here. According to their SoundCloud, "Choadbot never practiced during their heyday of 2004-2005. They just had sex. A band that included members of Sholi, Legubitron, as well as local folk bard Garrett Pierce, they put on quite the show. Like a neon version of Gwar with far less clothing, a Choadbot show was like dinner theater for people who only consume PBR, Gin and Tonics, and Ecstasy. They were proclaimed rivals of the Playboy Millionaires."


  • Harry Choad - Guitar/Fashismo
  • Berry Choad - Singing/Guitar/Prancing/Large Balls
  • RICHARD - Male Model/Mirrors
  • Choadette - Hot Sex/Keyboards
  • Gregtron - Perversion
  • Bafoid - Roboflux beats   

Here is what Rob Roy had to say about ChoadBot (from Friendster):

"When I talked to people about ChoadBot I say, 'Fuck what you heard. Believe the hype,' because they are a hyped up band and even though it seems like an oxymoron, the hype is honest. When I saw them I nearly died. Not because I started screaming so loud that in comparison Beatlemania would feel like an afternoon on Cspan but because I nearly suffocated from all the hot sex in the room. And when Berry Choad nearly killed himself when he started breaking every bone in his body he was a Christ-like figure. I kept chanting 'What would Iggy Pop do.' And he did what Iggy Pop would do. He grabbed a few innocent audience members and shoved so much hot sex into their orifices that the floor became wet with puddles of joyful urine."

Also, a review by the Dam Haus (Friendster):

"I think the Guiness Book of World Records should contain an entry for 'The most cliches incorporated into one band': Choadbot (sunglasses at night, rolling around on broken glass, instrument switcheroos, girl in slinky dress playing keyboards, lotsa stripping and nipple-rubbing, taking forever to set up, trying to make everyone clap to the beat, boys in make-up, and the newest rock cliche and certainly the most ingenious, a lead singer in a bathrobe and Tevas. It was especially funny that after their hour-long seven song set at Plainfield Station, they offered CDRs for sale with one song on it, and admitted, 'It's actually our only song.' If you haven't seen ChoadBot, be ready to hear the word 'choad' more times in one hour than you've ever heard it in all your life."

CM Caskey of The California Aggie and Filthy Pete and the Moustaches said that ChoadBot was the worst band in Davis:

"Every once in a while this group of respectable local musicians from decent bands dresses up in women's underwear and turns into what they call an 'electroclash' band. Ironically, they're not electroclash. They're also not very good. Yeah, I know it's not serious. Yeah, I know it's a joke. Haha, very funny. It still sucks."

ChoadBot played their last Davis show at the Pirate Ship on Jan 9, 2005.

On March t, 2005, ChoadBot performed their final show, period, at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco. At the end of the show the band members fell to the ground one by one, except for Bafoid, who exclaimed, "ChoadBot is dead." In Berry Choad's final words to the audience before he died, he expressed a sincere hope that every member of the audience would have sex later that night, in the name of ChoadBot.

On April 23rd, 2006, Choadbot returned from the dead to play at Delta of Venus.


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