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330 3rd Street (on the corner of 3rd & C streets)
7 AM - 11 PM daily (But kitchen closes at 10:30!)
(530) 750-2400
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Now accepting credit cards
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Open access WiFi, a few outlets

Crepeville is famous for their crepes and the sheer number of students that bring their parents here when they come to visit. It provides a good place for groups to eat because individuals order and pay separately at the counter. The food, however, is delivered to your table by a server. The average crepe costs about $7, including browned potatoes (you can substitute a side salad for the potatoes for a small charge). They also have omelets, bagels, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, soup & salads, and cafe-type drinks. A lot of people study here due to the fact they have free wireless Internet and a wide selection of caffeinated beverages, including free coffee refills. However, their management is increasingly frustrated with studiers, so please be sensitive to how you use their space so that they don't decide to take away the free wifi.

For many years they were cash only, but as of summer 2012 they have started accepting credit cards. There is an ATM inside the restaurant that you can use to get cash, (although this may have disappeared since they started taking credit cards).

Their water is self-serve, and they offer lemon slices with it for additional refreshing goodness.

Currently the Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD) meets here on the first Tuesday evening of the month. The Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club usually meets here on Wednesday evenings.

The building housing Crepeville was previously home to the short-lived Central Park Grocery, a hybrid deli-coffee house-wine bar concept created by Bob Dunning's wife, Shelley. Her creative vision for the site is still evident in the large, unique tiles that line the cafe's upper walls.

Note that Crepeville is not set up to take phone orders for take out. If you call ahead, once you arrive you will still have to wait on the regular line while the people in front of you are hemming and hawing about what to order. For example, you might be told that your food will be ready in 10 minutes — and it will — but if you show up 10 minutes after making your call you will have to sadly watch your food getting cold while you stand on line for another 10-15 minutes. The lesson is to only make phone orders when they are not busy.


Meal including poached eggsNote: This picture was taken prior to Crepeville's Dec. '04 remodel From the back facing front door

Community members' tiles wrap around the moulding near the ceiling. Pervy radish created by local Heidi Bekebrede who sells wares at The Artery

Other locations

The owners of Crepeville own another restaurant, "Burgers and Brew by Crepeville", which is located across the street from Crepeville.

There are now two Crepeville restaurants in Sacramento: one at 1730 L St. (on the corner of 18th and L), and one at 2700 12th St (on the corner of 2nd Ave and 12th St, the former location of Cafe Melange).

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Just had the worst experience with the manager here.  Took my girls out to have breakfast (ages 2 and 8), we sat and waited... and waited. It was busy, so we waited some more.  When I noticed the folks who had ordered directly before us finishing their meal I figured our order had dropped of the map.  So we headed up front, confirmed that none of the plates ready to go out were ours and asked to get a refund so we could continue on with our day.  The waitress who started to help us apologized and said she would take care of the refund, which would have been the end of it.  But instead the manager interjected, stating that they were busy and that I should "learn to be more patient".  When I insisted on the refund he stated that I should step outside, when I refused he said that I should put down my two year old and step outside with him to settle this.  Was he wanting to brawl on the sidewalk over this? I told him a refund would end this to which he stated that he would decide if and when to give a refund because he ran the place not me.  Me - "You're customer service sucks"  Him - "You see how busy we are? We don't need you here."  This lead to my most embarrassing moment in a long while.  In a restaurant full  of people, 8 year old by my side, 2 year old in my arms I let loose a loud clear F... You... He handed over my refund and called me a terrible father (still looking for a sidewalk brawl?) I had been visiting Crepeville for the last 10 years but not going back until under new management.

2009-01-11 12:09:33   My husband and I have been going to Crepeville for almost a year now and we go 2-3 times a week. The staff is usually very friendly and yes they do come and go a lot. There is some faces that do stay around and some that go on to other Crepevilles in Sac to work. They know us for the most part and know exactly what I want to order, Simon (the manager of this Davis Crepeville) was always friendly,said hi and came to talk with us and was there a lot working and helping. When the place was really busy he would always try to find us a table I cannot say that for the General manager that is there now. They let Simon go and I was really upset by that. He was a asset to this Davis Crepeville and people will notice he is gone once they figure it out. Simon spent so much time there as I always wondered what his wife thought about him being gone so much. This place will definitely not be the same without Simon as he was a very nice guy and hard worker. The General manager there now that got rid of Simon you hardly see him there and I was also told he is not the best to work for. That's really too bad and Simon if your reading this you know who we are....Strawberry crepe girl!!! Hope you find a great place to work and someone that appreciates your hard work and long hours. Hope to run into you some day. I know a few of the girls miss you that have been there for awhile. Good Luck!! Strawberry Crepe & Potatoes girl! It's the best!! Never had a bad meal there yet. It's all good!! except the Tofu....—Crepegirl

2009-02-02 01:51:06   My favorite place to eat in Davis! It is AMAZING. I recommend the Denver crepe, Canadian Benedict, and Strawberry Nutella crepe. They are all delicious. Mmmm. —KRSanta88

2009-02-02 14:00:33   The California Crepe is one of the best vegetarian options in Davis. It has the perfect medley of flavors: sun-dried tomato, avocado and cheese. The side of potatoes and sour cream makes for a filling meal. Crepeville gets really busy, especially on Saturday mornings and afternoons, as it captures the Farmer's Market rush. The salad portions are pretty big, and they give you a bread roll with all salads, even half salads. If you've never had a crepe, try the California crepe! —AmanpreetSingh

2009-03-12 22:49:11   Stopped by this morning. I wish the coffee was better. If I want a crape, I come here, but outside of the crape..this place does not do it for me. —davisdan

2009-03-31 22:31:58   I just had a mediocre breakfast at Crepeville today. So I'm a little confused at all the rave reviews about this place. I ordered the Canadian Benedict and a side of chicken apple sausage. Both were "bleh." I was particularly disappointed in the sausage because I've had some really good chicken apple sausage before - and this was probably the worst. It was too salty and didn't have enough actual flavor to it. The potatoes were pretty good - nothing special though. Considering this place was a bit pricey for food that's just "bleh" - I don't know if I want to come back. Maybe next time, I'll have try a dish that's recommended. —Hyungmi

2009-04-13 15:07:22   Homemade dressing, garlic-y croutons, fancy carrots, crisp romaine...Best Caesar salad I've had in a long time!! —Lala

2009-04-27 21:15:14   I really used to love the potatoes here, but the last two times I went, they were overly burnt. Maybe that's how it is supposed to be?

The only crepes I eat here are the dessert ones, especially the lemon one. But I honestly prefer the crepe cafe in the silo because crepeville's lemon sauce it just a little too much. I still think its a nice place to go out with friends though, as long as you bring cash and ask to have your orders put in at the same time (if you don't your food can come at sporadic intervals ranging from 5-15 minutes, and it sucks watching your friends eat).

Their sandwiches have never disappointed. —BrookeB

2009-05-03 13:02:49   They have an awesome Eggs Benedict here. And with avocado! I was really surprised, but now I'm just craving it all the time now. . . —CurlyGirl26

2009-05-31 09:25:54   This is probably the first restaurant I actually went to and paid for on my own. I've run through most of the menu over the years, and I can't think of a single time I've been less than satisfied. Some of my favorites: -Chocolate walnut crepes... with strawberries is good, too, especially during the summer. -Florentine crepe. Simple and my definite favorite overall. -ANY of the eggs Benedict varieties. The sauce is perfect. -THE ORANGE JUICE. You wouldn't believe it. It's so rich that if you're used to drinking from concentrate you might need to water it down a little. It's the best I've had anywhere.

I've never had to wait long for my food and the staff is competent as much as you interact. I like having the self-serve water, so you don't have to sit around waiting for a refill.


2009-06-18 21:50:30   I've eaten here a couple times a month for the past year, and the food has always been tasty and the service great. It's one of my favorite places to eat in Davis. The San Francisco Benedict is very good - it has steamed spinach in place of the meat, so it's a little lighter on the cholesterol than regular eggs benedict. The Hollandaise sauce is delicious. : )

If you're planning to withdraw cash from an ATM to eat here, you might want to use your usual ATM instead of the one in the store. It has a pretty high fee, I think $2.50. That's my only complaint. —DanaSullivan

2009-06-30 13:58:57   Three days ago I was told by one of the current employees that in a drunk stupor (which is not an uncommon event, from what I understand) the owner of this establishment announced to her that he thinks Adolph Hitler was a good man. In my 5 years in Davis I have known countless young women who have worked for him; all of which have quit due to sexual harassment. My friend "worked" for him for several months - her work consisted of accompanying this married, middle aged gentlemen to poker games, both with his friends and privately, and drinking lots of wine. There's some food for thought. I mean crap for thought. I mean crepe for thought... —Enosh

  • "I was told by..." Yeah, yeah. And we need to know this hearsay because...? (I dare say second-hand rumors spin fast as fans with no do-do hitting them around the wiki these daze)—BrianJKenyon
  • Dear Brian,

You do not need to hear, or read for that matter, anything. People log on to DavisWiki to research items about Davis (one such item being Crepeville). Most conscientious consumers would like to know whether the owner of a restaurant they eat at is a racist lecher. I pose the following challenge to you, the self-delegated skeptic - Ask the owner yourself how he feels about Jews, OR creeping around Sofia's Thai Kitchen Trivia Night in a trenchcoat on a weekly basis. Let me add, Brian, that I do believe the food at Crepeville is pretty good, the service is not exactly something to brag about, and the internet is fairly accessible. If you don't care about where your money is going, it's an ok place. —Enosh

  • "...racist lecher..."? Strong words. I wouldn't sling such strong words unless I had proof, and not just because "...Three days ago I was told by one of the current employees...". Otherwise you are just contributing hot air to the Daviswiki's sinking credibility. BrianJKenyon

2009-07-04 16:08:47   I have no idea if what Enosh asserts in his comments are true. But it does seem odd to me to determine whether or not to go to a restaurant based on the political views of the restaurant's owner. A good restaurant isn't one where the owner agrees with me. It's one where I get a good meal at an appropriate price in an appropriate amount of time. —IDoNotExist

2009-07-04 18:04:04   Dear "IDoNotExist" — I would agree with your thought if you meant the owner of a business was a Bush Supporter while you for Obama. But anti-Semitism isn't a political view, it is racism and hatred. That kind of talk, unchecked, spreads hate and gets a lot of people killed; do not belittle anti-Semitism or any other form of hate/racism as a political view. —AlanMiller

2009-07-04 18:42:47   Racism, hatred, and anti-semitism though despicable, are also protected free speech (and yes, they are also political views, even if you don't want to view them that way), just as your posting was also protected free speech. (In fact, in some countries, they have been deeply ingrained in the political structure for years.) Believe me, I've seen the effects of these first hand, and in no way would I ever support them, nor was I making any sort of statement about their importance. However, the hearsay reported views of a restaurant owner don't have anything do with the food. Imagine if we boycotted any restaurant in Davis where someone created a wiki account and claimed that the owner of that place was racist or antisemitic or (place your favorite offensive view here). You could destroy a restaurant, its reputation, and its business simply by making that unsubstantiated claim. I've eaten at Crepeville many times and never seen any evidence that would confirm Enosh's story. I have seen many people saying nasty, unsubstantiated things about various business owners on the wiki. Maybe some of them are true. Maybe some of them come from disgruntled employees or unhappy customers or someone with some reason to make that sort of thing up. As wiki readers, we really have no way to tell when you make such a claim, unless you provide proof that what you say is true.


2009-07-05 17:07:44   Dear "IDoNotExist" — First of all, for the record, I do exist.

I fully agree with you about the dangers of Wiki's in relation to businesses and reputations. It is similar to a person publicly falsely accused of abusing their children, even if cleared of the charge, people will always wonder. That is why I kept my comments strictly on your comment, not on the discussion or establishment. This wiki experiment contains pitfalls that I believe will become more apparent as its use becomes more widespread and actual attempts to maliciously destroy a business actually result in damages.

In regard to my comment on your stand alone comment "it does seem odd to me to determine whether or not to go to a restaurant based on the political views of the restaurant's owner.", I stand by my comment. —AlanMiller

2009-07-09 13:35:09   I used to love crepeville but I had the worst experience at there yesterday. Two friends and I went out for dinner. One friend ordered the tuna melt but asked if there were onions on it. Everything seemed to go well and our order was taken. Later, the waitress who took our order came to the table because apparently there were onions in the tuna melt. So my fiend had to make another order and she chose a burger instead. Later the asian waitress with long hair came out and told us that the burger would cost extra. When pressed she said that no, they could not "take care" of the extra cost despite their mistake. I wanted to leave right then but my friend agreed to pay the cost and she went away. She later came back and said the extra charge would be $1.80 and we seemed to agree that it'd be fine if my friend paid later. When my food came out, another waitress (slightly redheaded with a sharp nose) came out and told us that the extra cost needed to be paid right then or else her food would not be served. (Count it- that means we were interrupted no less than four times for their mistake.) When she went back to the other waitresses, they started talking shit about us. Classy. As if I couldn't see them 20 ft away making faces and looking our way.

Bottom Line: TERRIBLE SERVICE. we won't be going back again.

Manager(s), please discipline your staff. They were rude and unprofessional. —eryan

2009-07-09 21:11:13   Love crepeville's chicken pesto sandwich. Delecious. And the older guy who busses the tables works his tail off. —jwendt

2009-07-13 22:10:28   My omelets have always been good, but I have to admit, the chalk board menu is fantastic. —patrick82

2009-07-20 19:58:27   Great place for breakfast, decent for lunch, but somehow I was never thrilled about crepes for dinner. It is a pain in the ass that they don't take credit/atm, but the food isn't bad. —longboardlover

2009-07-24 02:32:32   The Greek Delight crepe is truly a delight and the potatoes are to die for!!! :) I'd also recommend the Fuji salad, it's scrumptious! —sm0729

2009-07-25 19:10:25   The food is usually good here, although I took my parents here a couple days ago and my mom got a strawberry muffin and there was a hair in it. She went to the counter to ask for another one and once again there was a hair in that one. We got a refund, but they never pulled the other muffins, cause obviously there was something wrong with that batch.

Then when I got my coffee refilled, the waitress put too much in the cup because I needed room for cream, and she went to dump it back into the pot when thankfully another waiter told her to stop.

The bathrooms were also disgusting, not cleaned and very unsanitary.

These health code violations alone make me question the quality of food I am getting and think I will just go somewhere else in the future. The food is good, but not that great, unless you like hair in your food. —BrandonBarrette

2009-08-27 12:16:15   I must admit that Crepeville has some of the best food in Davis. The California Crepe is my favorite and all of the fruit and nutella crepes are delicious. That is why it’s such a shame that the management/ownership is terrible. Like most customers, I am a student and I frequently go there to study. While I am there, I buy a full meal which consists of the California crepe with a salad instead of potatoes, a coffee, and sometimes a muffin. On average, my meal costs about $10-$13. On several occasions, I have been asked to leave as soon as I have finished my meal. I don’t think this is right because I spend a significant amount of money on my meal and then I am forced to leave minutes after eating? And what’s up with the cash only policy? I have seen the owners cuss out their employees and I have also seen them creeping around Sofia’s with bloodshot eyes. I have lived in Davis for a while now and I have heard nothing but bad stories about the owners and management. I really hope the owners start to treat their employees with the respect that they deserve. —SFNative2006

2009-08-27 17:36:45   In response to Enosh/Brian's comments, I am a former employee of Crepeville, and I know these things to be true about the owner. They treat their employees poorly and are all around bad people. You should care where your money is going, and if you want it to go to good people, I don't recommend going to this particular restaurant. Oh, and to Crepegirl, although Simon was at the restaurant a lot, I heard him say rude and often racist things on many, many occasions, especially about the girls who worked there. He was not the greatest manager, to say the least. —aotearoa36

2009-09-03 16:51:01   I have never had something I did not enjoy there! love the hawaiian. —jdavis

2009-09-12 22:09:46   Oh man, I had an amazing night. Took my boyfriend and his mom here and he had the Salsa and his Mom had the California(*One of my favorites!) and I had the Savory Crepe with a Fuji Salad. Oh man, I got a FULL plate of salad with my crepe. Thank goodness his Mom helped me with half the salad, it was too good to be wasted! The food was really fresh and well-seasoned. We HAD to get a dessery crepe and got a Strawberry/Banana/Nutella Crepe. Even with a full appetite, we finished that plate too! :D —MissAmyQ

2009-10-28 13:49:45   Perfect place for any meal. The crepes are great, the omelets are great, the salads are great, so far I haven't tried anything I didn't like. I never have to wait long for my order. The portions are huge and the prices are not bad. Just try it. —sjpacheco

2009-11-08 20:27:07   this place is one of our favorite/most visited restaurants in davis. we are students with a low budget and massive appetites, and we leave with leftovers most of the time.

Best thing to order: basic crepe with no onions, cheddar cheese(comes with) cream cheese, tomato and avocado.... basically all we ever order. its a good amount of food for a decent price (we get two orders of that, plus a coke, for a meager $18) —mrandmrs

2009-11-11 10:56:11   The acoustics in this room are horrible. The room is always loud and it's difficult to hear the person across from you. the food, however, is wonderful. Take your order out to the patio or to-go. —GJC02

2010-01-16 20:21:14   What's up with the "fresh" fruits? Every time I've gotten those 1/2 are rotten. Otherwise the crepe, and everything else I've tried - savory crepe, french toast (one of the best!), dessert crepe is great. —LeeY

2010-01-29 16:00:51   People of Davis and visitors: WATCH OUT! Beside the food being fairly overpriced and mediocre, the staff is dishonest as well. I had the unfortunate event of paying for lunch for me and my sister, which turned out to be just under $20. I handed the woman helping me a twenty as she turned around and then began getting our drinks, etc... While waiting for my change, and our drinks she came back to the register and asked me to pay her! "What"? She then contended that I had not yet paid her! To both myself and my sister's shock she demanded I pay her (AGAIN)! When I asked to speak to a manager, and after a LONG argument, they told me they would "review" the security cameras to se what happened...well you can guess how that turned out, they never "got back to me", and I should "come back tomorrow". Needless to say the way the situation was handled was dishonest and the staff made ME and my SISTER feel like the liars; it was AWFUL. Please if you visit this place (especially if it's busy) mark your bills or pay in all change (as it's a cash only restaurant), maybe this may help you from facing the humiliating experience my sister and I had to go through-or just avoid this place all together! —rhestir

2010-03-08 19:26:41   Used to be a huge fan of this place but not anymore. The service has gone downhill and the manager is extremely unpleasant. Last couple times that I ate there, I saw my exact order sitting up on the counter for about ten minutes while the incompetent staff stood around and gossiped. Crepeville what happened? The owners/managers need to hire and train better staff. —SFNative2006

2010-05-31 09:40:30   Does anyone else think the water here tastes like bleach? I usually try to bring my own waterbottle when I want to drink water, but I can also ask them for a pint glass. —AmyGoogenspa

2010-06-05 20:38:53   The prices have gone up and I feel like the portions have gone down...makes you wonder why Crepeville is so empty compared to Burgers and Brew... —ArianeMetz

And yet, it's the same owners! —CovertProfessor

2010-06-13 01:37:01   i've only been here once but from what i see, they could make crepeville a buffet and it will still be not filling enough for me. the way they make their crepe is really thin so i could just vacuum it in my mouth and it feels like a fluffy cotton ball went into my stomach. it's pretty pricey for me too, so i might come here when i get a date or something hehe :) —binladen

2010-06-27 07:51:46   I've been a Crepeville regular (way too regular!) for some years now. I like the food and the setting, and can think of nothing more relaxing than drinking iced tea and reading while sitting at an outside table on a nice warm day. However, the thing that impresses me most about the place is the staff. I know nothing about the management's political views or labor relationships, but I do know that the guys and gals at Crepeville have been consistently cheerful and hard-working for at least the last couple of years. I dimly recall a time when the crew was less enthusiastic and the turnover higher, but I've been seeing the same welcoming faces for quite awhile now. Somebody is doing something right there, because in my experience the service is great. —JimFrame

2010-07-02 19:41:11   As a severe lactose intolerant, a trip to Crepeville is a rare treat. Word of warning, very little on the menu that doesn't have cheese in it... as if that's a bad thing! Hohoho!

I've been in love with this place since it opened. The Florentine crepe is my go-to when I really want some cheesy goodness (well, maybe second to animal fries, but you didn't hear it from me). Fresh spinach is my addiction and it feeds me well. I sometimes find the house potatoes to be a bit too salty for my taste but they're perfectly edible with a bit of ketchup to cut the salt.

For dessert, my favorite up until recently was the chocolate crepe with walnuts. Oh. My. Goodness. None of that wimpy milk chocolate nonsense, this is rich, creamy, bittersweet chocolate and the crunch of toasty nuts and an enormous pile of whipped cream on the side to slather on each bite and be generally naughty with (my friends will recognize this reference, of course, as will anyone who has ever seen me down one of these beauties.)

However, in a bout of curiosity and nostalgia I recently ordered the blintz with applesauce and lemon sauce. I'm a huge chocolate snob, I think no dessert is complete without it. I'm also generally leery of fruity desserts, I generally find them to be too sweet and cloying. This changed my mind. I loved blintz as a child but couldn't stand people's habit of smothering them in syrupy strawberries. I'd have to go to the trouble every time of scraping that stuff off so I could taste the glorious, warm cheese. The blintz here, however, was served hot and creamy in the middle of a pool of applesauce, a drizzle of honey lemon sauce (which on the other crepes I generally found to be too strong, but there's me and my snobbishness again) and a lovely, cold dollop of sour cream. It may sound like an odd combination to some of you conservative eaters out there, but all together it's an experience of interplay between tangy lemon and cheese and cream with the slight sweetness of honey and apples. It may have beaten out my chocolate obsession.

Anyway, other plates of note include the benedicts and a hollandaise sauce that deserves an award, the salads which are a great pile of tastes and textures, the muffins (strawberry and chocolate when you can get them!), and of course how could I forget...

The best orange juice I've ever had. I suggest you try it. :) —KBathory

2010-07-05 18:50:19   Five dollars for A CREPE seems about 35% too much for such. Refusal to accept electronic payment always suggests tax evasion to me... not saving the "already small margin" etc. Good crepes. The restaurant seems overstaffed in the front to the extent that it will not help your order be processed or delivered to you any more quickly or more completely. Friendly staff, but not much interaction between back of house and front of house (which is fairly visible). I ordered a southwest scramble or something which came with breakfast potatoes that were red with fresh herbs. Plenty of avocado in my scramble, which I appreciate. Probably a first choice for breakfast food in this village. —seesharp

2010-07-16 17:44:35   Strawberry Nutella crepe all the way! —JasperD

2010-07-21 00:28:56   My wife and I have lived in Davis for about three years now. We've tried numerous eateries. This is tops on our list for a couple of reasons. There is a surprisingly wide array of tasty options — including lots of selections for vegetarians (which we are). It is quite affordable, especially considering the large portion sizes. You can hang out and study for an hour or two and no one bothers you. Sometimes we get a bit of that lingering guilt for hanging out too long... No worries here, grab a coffee and a pastry after dinner. It buys another hour easily. Finally, great service, informal atmosphere, and free wifi (with plugs throughout). A+ —willwallace

2011-01-24 22:52:15   good SF Benedict, pototo, sandwiches, and everything else. I love their menu selection. The only downside is that they take cash-only payment. —kobe24

2011-03-02 19:04:23   Best hangover cure ever! Roll out of bed and over to crepeville for a savory crepe or a sandwich. I usually get a sandwich/salad combo, and the potato wedges really hit the spot. I used to get the dessert crepes but the savory crepes are much better so don't waste your time. Delicious! —Lo17

2011-03-30 12:37:11   I have loved Crepeville since I first moved to Davis as a freshman. I cannot say enough good things about their Fuji salad and all their other salads. They are just sooo good.

I recently tried their oatmeal and I was so disappointed. It was a huge bowl of tasteless watery thin-rolled oats, the "oatmeal" it self was not even salted. The blueberries and raspberries on top looked great though. I took it back to the server and she looked appalled that someone had served that and got me a bowl of soup instead (which was very good). I think that it might have been so bad because I ordered it at night, but still I would never try their oatmeal again. —DanielleC

2011-06-17 15:33:46   Consistently good Eggs Benedict here. It's easy to mess up poaching an egg or preparing hollandaise sauce but they seem to get it right every time for around $7.00. I prefer the Midtown Benedict as I think avocado over ham is an easy decision. My complaint here is that I don't really like the "Country Potatoes" that come on the side and I think they should offer hashbrowns. That would make me happy. —MikeyCrews

2011-08-13 22:19:23   We love Crepeville food (especially the morning muffins) but yesterday when we ate there for dinner, we left a bit disappointed. The toppings in the Fuji Salad were non-existent. All lettuce and not much else. It's also disappointing that you can no longer get a bagel with the 1/2 soup-1/2 salad combo. The Pesto Crepe was tasty but also lean on the substance. We'll still give them a try once in a while but other than the morning muffin, it might be more like a while in a once if this becomes a permanent change. We'll need to look elsewhere to get value for our dinner dollar. —DebWestergaard

2011-10-01 18:32:53   We had a savory crepe and a dessert crepe here; both were great. The ambience is also very cosy. Easy on the wallet too; about 10$ a person. —kijacker

2011-11-16 20:49:58   They definitely do crepes right. However, be wary of their other menu items. They used to do a good Greek salad, but their menu description is no longer accurate; the one I got today consisted of iceberg lettuce (or maybe really particularly bland/watery romaine lettuce) ONLY (no mixed greens), a few slices of watery tomato, two slices of cucumber, feta cheese, and five kalamata olives. Disappointment! The dressing was good though, and the chicken pesto crepe and caramel apple crepe were AMAZING. The crepes were definitely worth coming back for. Service is also good. —gurglemeow

2012-01-09 00:03:04   What happened to Crepeville? They changed their light natural wooden interior that corresponded so nicely to the atmosphere of the California sun shining through the high windows, the park across the street, and the light food to some ugly heavy artificial looking dark painted wood. And the stainless steel all around emits the atmosphere of a butcher shop rather than a light happy relaxed restaurant. I hope they don't pay their interior architect because he must have gotten paid already by their competitors. —bcschipper

2012-01-23 17:48:01   It was just okay, nothing special. My hamburger was average and the member of my party who had crepes was not impressed. The staff was really friendly. —LoriOrf

2012-02-20 20:21:20   The California and Florentine (sp?) crepes are the best. I'm not too fond of the "baked" potatoes, though. Otherwise, this is a great place to eat. —OliviaGlass

2012-03-04 14:29:49   For the second time, I noticed their portion size to their Country scramble and South of the Border dropped by half but still delicious. The potatoes are no longer big sized chunks but rather smaller burnt crumby pieces. I feel jipped with the to go fault for not checking before I leave but I feel they know most people won't go home and come back to complain. Dine in is good but the quality of the potatoes have definity gone down over the last few years.


2012-05-22 22:27:22   This place can TRY to do breakfast right, but Im sorrry Dennys is the only REAL home of the GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST!!! —KCSlater

2012-07-25 20:18:56   The wireless here seems pretty darn quick. —DavidBarnum

2012-12-12 20:55:46   TERRIBLE SERVICE. food quality is awful.owner is so disrespectful & unprofessional ,NOT RECOMMENDED we won't be going back again —

2012-12-30 21:49:38   This place is great! I love the food and the coffee! But sometimes they do see to be a little rude when you place your order. Also try to avoid major lunch hours because it gets crazy in there and you could get lost in the shuffle! —AlexLN

2013-01-02 21:51:13   One of Davis' best restaurants in my opinion. The menu is surprisingly wide for such a high-traffic pay-over-at-the-counter-eatery. Potatoes here are amazing, so are the omelette a and sweet crepes. Service differs from time to time, the food is always worth it. —LumosPortus