This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


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521 2nd Street
Mon-Fri: 10:00AM-5:30PM
Sat: 10:00AM-5:00PM

De Luna Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry store; established in 1967; that features Nambé metalware and crystal, high quality estate jewelry, and a wide selection of contemporary gold and silver jewelry. It offers every birthstone - rubies, sapphires, pearls, and more - and has an extensive assortment of engagement rings, anniversary bands, and wedding bands. Though De Luna's is special for many reasons, one is because of its selection of Native American, Indio and Southwest style folk arts - the store features intricate Zuni, Navajo, and Hopi jewelry, as well as beautifully handcrafted and detailed pottery of the Casa Grande and Rio Grande pueblos. De Luna's side room offers an elaborate selection of high quality Oaxacan alebrijes, which are fantastical, brightly painted, almost-mythical woodcarvings. Recently, they've begun offering a limited selection of paintings by Latino artists as well.

Staff of de Luna's 20011

Owned by Richard Luna; who is also a certified appraiser for insurance and estate purposes; the service at De Luna is always warm and friendly whether one is just window shopping, looking around for the tenth visit, or finally going in to make a purchase. There's a reason that de Luna's has earned the title of "Best Jeweler in Yolo County" for 12 consecutive years! Co-owner Kyoko Miyano-Luna is a pearl specialist, graduate gemologist of Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and designer who specializes in custom creations. De Luna caters to one's every need; from restoration, engraving, and cleanings, to repairs, watch batteries, and ear piercings (if you get your ears pierced at de Luna's, you will recieve 10% off your first pair of earrrings purchased at the store). Manager Adrian Blanco, also a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, has 15 years of experience at de Luna's and will work personally with you to create jewelry or restore it.

In the 1970s, there was a restaurant called The Lantern located just west of this location. It sold hamburgers and pizza.

On January 31, 2013, de Luna Jewelers was the victim of some despicable acts of vandalism and theft. At 2:40 AM several men broke their window in the midst of a fight, then fled the scene. At 3:13 AM two other men stole items from the open window. Then at 3:20 AM two men and three women took more items. Finally someone walking their dog called the police (in total, seven groups passed the window before the call was made). Among the losses are Native American pottery and Hopi Kachina dolls. The Enterprise has more details here. Anyone with information about the vandalism and thefts is asked to contact the Davis Police Department at 530-747-5400.

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They do custom work if you can't find anything you like or have something very specific in mind. We got my wife's wedding ring there. — RussBowlus

2005-11-14 10:56:55   A really nice place to do business. Great service, wonderful people! —SharlaDaly

2006-11-10 21:18:27   Whether purchasing something, resizing, or cleaning, we've had a positive experience. The employees are very patient and eager to help. —ErwinSena

2007-03-03 11:41:25   Great place to go shopping — the people who work there are very nice and they are willing to spend a lot of time with you to customize what you want. Good place to get a wedding ring. —AlexPomeranz

2007-05-28 13:17:25   wonderful place. We got both our wedding rings and several other pieces of jewelry from Deluna's and have always had a good experience. —HeatherFlood

2007-08-02 02:29:18   my wedding ring from here was modest but the nicest diamond my husband could find. couple years ago I brought my ring back because the diamond was chipped. the jeweler there advised a change in the setting to look better, which I was a little reluctant about because the original setting was specifically advised to be very secure, important for my job. he assured me the change would not be a problem. 2 weeks after I got my ring back I looked at my ring and the diamond was gone - it had fallen out. we went back and told them what happened. the owner said he was sorry, but he would not replace my diamond. the owner offered another diamond "at below retail" so my husband bought that, but I don't wear my ring anymore because of the memory it evokes. —ellie

2007-08-04 15:31:48   We brought a wedding ring that we had purchased from a different jewelry store to have it appraised and sized. The employee my fiance dropped it off with told him it would take a week. It has been over two weeks now, and each time we call, the woman who answers the phone is very evasive and extremely unapologetic about the delay. I felt that we are being dismissed because we are younger customers. —susanne

2007-09-05 14:59:40   Had a tension-type ring resized there and it took over a month to get back. When i did get it back it was the wrong size and I had to take it back again. Needless to say but I'm still waiting on it. So slow...ugh. —Miley

2008-01-22 15:19:51   My fiance and I went to DeLuna's to design my wedding ring back in July '07. We came to them with specific needs for a rare stone, in place of a traditional centered diamond, and they were so great at locating it for us. They dug around with other resources and found a few in Japan for us to pick from (very rare). They were very quick about it and have waited on us hand and foot ever since. The only thing I'd change, is I wish they would have given us a bit more of their personal input about their expertise concerning the stone. They were very friendly, timely, fare priced, and gave a beautiful, high quality product. —Sierra

2008-02-02 15:50:41   I've purchased a watch here, as well as a necklace for my girlfriend, and eventually I bought both an engagement ring and two wedding bands for that same girlfriend at DeLuna's. The staff is amazing: I've experienced small-town customer service before, but their sales staff is awesome! I still go in just to say hi and get my wife's ring shined! I seriously don't go anywhere else now. —dlacy

2008-11-07 00:01:15   I have brought 3 pieces of jewerly here for repair on 3 seperate occasions. good prices, good work, and trustworthy. i haven't bought anything, but they do a nice job in repairing jewelry. :) —ascapoccia

2009-06-05 08:20:09   This is by far the best jeweler I could find. I tried all online stores and major jewelers and local ones around Sac, SF, LA, SanJo. I regret getting my diamond elsewhere. They do their best to help you find what customers need. They have the very best people working there and their prices are amazing. They do custom work for excellent price. I got my fiancee's diamond mounted on a custom-made setting. Mr. Luna and his wife are the very best jewelers. Don't waste your time online or in Zales, Shanes, Tiffanys, etc. If you have questions go directly to them and you'll see how great they are. You can even contact me and hear from me why you SHOULD buy from them and do business with them. They repair, sell, fix, etc. They have a great selection of other items besides their beautiful jewelry. Check their websites and visit the store before you keep looking for jewelry! —shiwalogo

2009-07-21 11:43:05   I recently had my wedding band and engagement ring soldered together and couldn't be happier with the work done by DeLuna's. Jeweller Sean's work was meticulous and he even aligned the inscription on the inside of my wedding band with the top of my engagement ring (allowing me to have the ring enlarged later if needed, without affecting the inscription). The soldering is seamless on the inside surface of the rings yet the outer curved surfaces are intact - they look separate but are cleanly joined. The fit was not changed in the soldering process and my rings were returned to me in spotless condition - they had been cleaned and buffed to remove accumulated scratches from the years. The sales and service staff were polite and knowledgeable each time I spoke with them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend DeLuna's to my friends. —AG

2010-02-22 13:55:32   I had my wife's wedding ring repaired here. I made it while in dental school and it was just too thin so it cracked. The crack was right next to the stone so I was not sure how they were going to do it without damaging the stone. The jeweler showed me they have a laser welder, very cool!! They did a great job, shined up the ring too. The repair was very affordable ($35 for the weld only) and the customer service was friendly and kind. —DagonJones

2010-04-14 15:52:17   My wife and I have had more than one unpleasant experience at de Luna. Our last visit prompted us to take action. Please see the letter copied below and our complaint with the Better Business Bureau, BBB CASE#: 65004532.

January 17, 2010

de Luna Jewery 521 2nd St Davis, CA 95616

CC: Facsimile to (530) 753-0999

CC: Email to

Mr. de Luna,

While shopping for wedding bands in your store on December 26th, my fiancée presented you with her late grandmother's ring and asked if you could determine its age. During your inspection you accidentally dropped the ring. Before falling to the floor it struck a display cases and one of the diamonds became dislodged and separated from the ring.

The diamond was found and considering my fiancée's intention to wear the ring during our ceremony on the 28th, you offered to repair the ring by 5 PM that day with no indication that there would be a charge for the repair.

When I returned to pick up the repaired ring I was presented with a bill totaling $48 for the repair. I informed your representative that the ring required repair because it was dropped by you, and that it was my belief that the store, not us, was responsible for the damage and subsequent repair cost. She stated that, "I was lucky the ring was dropped there and not somewhere else."

Our ceremony being two days away, and not having time or energy to argue with someone who obviously lacked any level of sympathy, I begrudgingly paid for the repair with my American Express card.

It goes without saying that we are extremely dissatisfied with the service we received at your store and feel that we should not have to pay for the repair that was required because of your negligence.

I writing today to request a full refund to my American Express card of the $48 paid for the repair.

I look forward to your immediate attention to this matter. Should I not receive a full refund promptly, I will initiate a dispute with American Express, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, post my experiences with your store to, and contact any associations or accrediting agencies you are affiliated with.

Sincerely, Scott M Decker —Scott-M-Decker

2010-04-14 19:40:16   I think its a nice store...Granted I haven't been in a long time. But I do have to say that the one time I went in there as a potential customer, it was to get one of my Grandma's rings appraised. She left it to me and I was going to use it as my engagement ring. When I brought it in, I was promptly told it was worth next to nothing, then they offered to buy it. I declined, but they did clean my ring for free. —jsbmeb

2010-12-21 12:45:13   My husband and I went into DeLuna's a little over a week ago to start looking for a new diamond to upgrade my engagement ring. We were still in the "just talking about doing this" phase, but after looking at the beautiful dimonds they had in stock, I was sold in about 5 minutes! Adrian showed us 3-4 different stones they had that met our specs, all in an array of price ranges. He took the time to sit with us while we talked it over. Initially we walked out with nothing to give it a few days to think it over, but by Tuesday we went in and purchased it, and by Friday we had the new ring in hand. My ring needed modification for the new setting, but we basically left it up to them to do what they needed to do. In the end, I absolutely love the new's exactly what I would have chosen myself. They will also honor the purchase price of the diamond should we ever want to do another upgrade. All in all, the experience was amazing and I'd highly recommend DeLuna. —AmLin

2011-02-16 16:54:45   Great service and with a smile. Adrian Blanco who works there is really a gem. Had limited money with my scholarship. I gave him my budget and he went out of his way to help and finally get something together within my price limitation. More than satisfied with this great service and the warmth of this shop and its owners and workers. An unforgettable experience. —RajivSaxena

2011-10-26 14:49:47   My husband first went to de Luna to purchase my engagement ring. I had given him an idea of what I wanted, but I knew it was something that had to be custom made, so I suggested he go to de Luna since it was an independently owned store where he would get personal service. After the proposal he told me about his experience. The owner had worked with him personally to create a ring that was exactly what I wanted, as beautiful as my husband wanted, and was within his price range. Since then de Luna has been our one and only jewelry store. Over the past few years I have worked with Adrian to custom design a couple pieces of jewelry, and each time it is a wonderful experience. I always stop by to say hello to the staff and have my jewelry looked over and cleaned.

I love coming to de Luna because not only is it a beautiful store with wonderful product, but the staff remember who you are and make you feel welcomed. I recommend de Luna to anyone who is looking for a jeweler that they can trust and can come to for years. —LaurenJones

2012-05-01 19:29:30   Unimpressed with the lack of disclosure. I brought my nice Tissot watch in only to ask about how to open it to change the battery because I was under the impression I needed a case blade. The woman took it back and put a new battery in it, no big deal, $5 battery after mark up, that's reasonable. But it was a $10 watch battery. On amazon it's a $3 battery. I would appreciate if they had told me how much the battery was before they started the repair and I would have gone and done it myself, especially since it didn't take more than a knife. It's illegal for an auto mechanic to repair your car without giving you an estimate, is it so hard for a jeweler to do the same? Adrian is classic salesman, "this is a very nice watch, it's very sensitive inside, you can't just do it yourself, blah blah blah". —BrunoJohn

2012-05-02 14:35:20   After visiting a chain store in search of a plain set of wedding bands, I stopped by DeLuna's. We were turned off by the lack of customer service offered at the chain store once we said that we were not interested in gemstones. When I told the salesman at DeLuna's, Stephen, what I was looking for, he was awesome. Even though he knew up front that I was not buying anything that day and that our price range was fairly low, he took the time to explain the options. When we came back to order them, the salesman (don't remember his name) was equally awesome. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted for less than we expected to spend. Probably could have gotten the same rings for $40 or so cheaper online, but I don't mind paying more for excellent customer service. Excellent customer service was what we got at DeLuna's. —LisaBriggs

2012-11-01 12:35:10   I came in needing a personalized gift in under a week. Stephanie Choi worked with me to make sure I got the perfect gift in short order. I am very happy with my experience here. I will recommend de Luna to anyone needing a custom engraving. —BenjaminPickett

2013-07-02 23:05:49   As a college student, I was insulted by the owner. He said the bracelet I brought in was too cheap and not worth fixing. Twenty years later, I still have not stepped foot in that store. I go to Third Street Jewelers where I purchase quality jewelry from a respectful business owner! —JChapman

2014-01-04 15:20:55   I went in today with about a 4K budget in mind to get stones appraised and then set in a band. I wanted to look at settings and was given a large binder by the sales associate and told "I don't need to be here for this do I?" Well, actually you do if you want my business. I could understand if they were busy (which they weren't), but I got the distinct impression that she was not taking me seriously. Based on my customer service experience, I will probably not go back. I want to put money into the community, but do not want to support a business that hires sales associates that are dismissive. —DBurkart